In My Kitchen January 2021

Welcome to my kitchen. As everyone is thinking and feeling, can you believe it’s 2021! Another year has passed us by and what a year it was. I hope you have had a relaxing and stress free festive season and that you have many wonderful things to look forward to this year.

I love doing In My Kitchen videos and recently hd a request via Instagram, so thought I’d get back into it. I really enjoy making videos and would like to make more this year. Let me know if that’s something you’d be into.

Thanks so much for watching. Let me know what’s happening if your kitchen this month.

3 thoughts on “In My Kitchen January 2021

  1. It’s fun to see you in your kitchen, lovely countertops. I also received an air fryer for Christmas. So far I have roasted carrots in it (dusting of cumin and kosher salt) with just a spritzing of olive oil. They were delicious, also small potatoes and Brussel sprouts. All were good and meant I didn’t have to turn on the oven.

    Thank you for submitting to IMK, it’s always such fun to see what’s happening in the Southern Hemisphere while we are in winter. Happy New Year.

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