My 35th Birthday Cake

It was my birthday during isolation 2.0 this year, like many people. I had been trying to live more lightly, and add a little joy into my life.

I was chatting with my sister when I decided to do something that felt so ridiculous and extravagant to me. I decided to make myself a cake. A big decorated, elaborate 35th birthday cake, that I could drop at people’s door steps, because at the time we couldn’t visit of have visitors.

When I asked my sister, if baking a 4 layered white chocolate mud cake was a ridiculous idea, her response was ‘Clare, I buy $300 dresses I’ve never worn and I’m at the hairdresser today because I thought it’d be a good way to spend the day. If you wanted to know about ridiculous, you’re probably talking to the wrong person.’

I laughed, and wondered why I don’t do more things just for the fun of it.

So I spent the next three days planning my cake.

Pinterest was my first stop where I came a My CupCake Addiction white chocolate mud cake, and it was the inspiration. I started buying white chocolate from the confectionary aisle, Tim Tam’s, Lindt balls, Lindt chocolate, little white chocolate covered cookies, wafers etc.

The day before my birthday I baked two white chocolate mud cakes, and let them completely cool. I also created some decorations from here. Then on the day of my birthday I started construction.

Learn from me, I made the whipped white chocolate ganache on the day, but wish I’d made it the day before. So you should do that. And my ganache ended up a little lumpy but it was still delicious.

And once it was constructed, the fun bit began. I love decorating the cake.

Then, as we were allowed a couple of guests in our home at that point my Mum and Dad popped over for the cutting and eating.

It was a lovely way to spend the day, and I good lesson that I want to do more things just for the fun of it.

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