The Spoon Theory

I’m writing this post from my dining table, on my phone because the idea of walking to get my computer is exhausting. You see I worked today, and I ran out of spoons.

When I first heard of the spoon theory I dismissed it. Not for me. Firstly, spoons, seriously! Secondly, I’m fine. But the longer I sat with it the more is resonated.

If you’ve never heard of The Spoon Theory, check out this article and the photo below.

For me it’s a little different, I usually plod along until something really hits me hard. Cleaning the house uses a lot of spoons, and thankfully now we have a cleaner, showering after requires more than you would think, walking takes more spoons than riding my bike, and the rare occasion that I go to work can take every spoon I have.

So today, I’m out of spoons.

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