Updating My Wardrobe

I’ve always loved putting on an outfit that makes me feel great. I feel like clothes can lift up your mood, or support you’re already great feeling.

Not too long ago I was getting dressed and realised that there was nothing I’d wanted to wear. For so long I’d been at Wollangarra, wearing ‘farm’ and ‘outdoor education’ clothes, and once moving back I’d been handed down so many beautiful clothes from my mum and aunty.

But when I went to get dressed that morning, I realised of all the beautiful clothes I’d been given, there were none that felt like me.

So I started a ruthless clean out. Throwing out anything that no longer felt like me.

I created a Pinterest board or outfits that I resonated with, then I went to the op-shops.

I grabbed a few dresses, a coat and a fun jumper. While op shopping, I thought to myself how I couldn’t imagine going to a shop to pick out one of so many items that looked the same. It just doesn’t bring joy to me.

I’ve been following an incredible English activist, Venetia La Manna, who shares a lot of information about fast fashion brands, the conditions in which clothes are made, and how the best clothes to purchase are those that already exist. It’s what I’ve always enjoyed, but now I’m becoming a bit more educated about it.

And by the time I’d emptied things out, and added the news things, I was feeling a bit more myself.

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