Thrifty Bread Bags

I’ve been baking a lot of bread recently to share with friends and family and wanted to have a good way to easily wrap them to hand them out or leave at door steps.

So when I was meditating the other day I had this vision of cloth bags made from flat sheets that we’ve never used.

I found a cloth bag we already had in the size I wanted and used it as a template. It was approximately 45cm x 35cm.

Now my sewing skills are kind of rough but they do the trick for me.

I started by cutting the outside seam off the sheets so that I could use it for the pull cord in the bags.

Then I cut a 90cm strip off the bottom of the sheet. Then I used a piece of cardboard to mark the fabric at 35cm intervals. I cut those out. At the top and bottom of each piece I folded in 2cm, this will be where the cord goes once complete.

I sewed this up using my very old but perfect for me sewing machine.

So I sewed each of the 2cm strips, making sure they folded in towards each other. Then I folded the whole piece of fabric with the seams of each of the 2cm bits in to each other, and sewed up the 45cm length of the side, making sure to not sew over the 2cm loop.

Once the sides are sewn I turn in the right way and thread some of the seam I cut off at the start through the 2cm loop. On my mum’s suggestion I threaded one through one way, then one through the other, having a knot of cord at each end making it easier to close the bag.

I’m very happy with my thrifty bread bags.

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