Really Bad Bread

Today I baked really bad bread.

It doesn’t happen often, I’ve been baking sourdough for 7 years or so, but it does happen.

I was baking some loaves for a few friends, I had six to bake. I used the dough scraper to scrape the dough onto the bench, shaped it and let it do a short rise while the oven heated up. I bake 3 loaves at once. So they went in for their for 20 minutes, which I have been doing at 260°C.

Once the timer went off I took off their lids, turned the timer back on for a further 30 minutes and proceeded to scrape the second batch of dough onto the bench. It didn’t look right, I knew then that I hadn’t let it rise long enough but I was being impatient. So I let it rise on the bench for about an hour.


The 30 minute timer drew nearer and I realised that I hadn’t turned the temperature down to 220°C, which is what I should have baked the bread at for the final 30 minutes. I opened the oven to almost black loaves. Perfectly shaped but charcoal.

I continued to let the second batch of dough rise, in the hope that it would amend my previous mistake.

I decided they looked ok and popped them in the oven for their first 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, I open the oven door to flat pancake loaves.

Turned off the oven and gave the flat loaves to the chickens. There was no bread for anyone this morning.

Mostly my loaves are beautiful, but it happens to the best of us.

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