Self Care – A Poem

“Self care, what buzz words they’ve become,

and it feels like a whole lotta fun.

Take care of myself you say, 

eat right, drink water, meditate each day.

Hashtag self love, hashtag epsom salts,

hashtag have you seen the results.

Dance like no body’s watching,

keep doing all the things, without those balls



in fact, we all know, the reality is,

the act of self care, can find you in a tiz.

Real self care, real self love,

it doesn’t necessarily fit like a glove,

it’s hard work, it’s some effort,

and often you want to say “eff-it”

I’ll stay in bed, no exercise today,

spend all the money, who needs that pay.

Spend time with those people who feel exotic,

only to find out they are actually toxic.

Self care often means looking your failures in the


and realising that you are the guy,

the guy that can change that

reality of yours, that needs a little reformat.

Sometimes self care means no instead of yes.

No to the spending, the cake, the dress.

Sometimes you must say yes,

yes to that workout, yes to that abscess.

The abscess the dentist found that you are


So one day instead of yourself doing the spoiling,

you’ve realised that the self care you need

is in fact in a dentist seat.

Self care can be fun, 

and should be done

every day, in fact,

and we should do it with a little tact.

Self care means making the hard decisions,

putting in the previsions,

for you to live your life in the simplest way.

Just a little time each day,

Self care maintenance,

For that life balance.”

– Clare Reilly

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