We Painted a Circle Headboard

We’ve been talking about doing this for almost 12 months, collecting inspiration on my Pinterest board. I’m not sure why it’s taken us so long but isolation was the perfect time to get a lot of little projects like this done.

When we built the house we were so nervous about doing something wrong. Now, with a little bit of experience under our belts, we’re happy to try something, knowing that we can mostly fix things.

If the circle didn’t turn out, we’d just paint over it.

So we finally picked the colour, matching it to the grey in our rug, and thought we’d go for it.

We, measured the centre of the wall, then worked out where we wanted it to come out from the bed and how high we wanted it and drew a circle. To do this we popped a nail in the wall at the middle point of all the measurements, used a piece of string and a pencil, and went for it. Like a protractor in primary school.

Once we were happy with the pencil marked circle, we started painting. The outside of the line is HARD. I’m not particularly steady on my feet and that made for a wobbly edge. Once I was sitting to do the lower part it was fine, and Jay did the rest of the standing section. We filled it in with a roller.

Our circle was about 2.14 cm2, and we used about 1 litre of paint.

We love it! We’re going to be putting a shelf across similar to those in the kitchen, which will house plants, pretties and art work. I can’t wait.

What do you think? Would you paint a circle headboard? Do you do mini-home improvements with confidence?

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