Monday Night Dinner

I wrote about Monday Night Dinner in our meal plan earlier this week and thought it deserved some explanation.

Monday night dinner is a Wollangarra thing.

When you run Monday to Friday programs for up to 32 weeks of the year, it’s easier if you eat the same things for dinner each of those nights. It’s easier for food ordering, it’s easier for anyone to be able to cook, it’s easy for when you have tired staff and you don’t have to use your imagination to come up with something exciting for dinner.

So ever since I first went to Wollangarra in 2001, I knew that on the first night of the program we’d be eating ‘Monday Night Dinner.’

The funny thing about this is that as a young person, you mostly eat Monday night dinner on a Sunday. The stage 1 program, the most commonly run program starts on a Monday, then if you choose to return as a student, any subsequent programs start on a Sunday. So the staff eat it nearly every Monday, except when there’s a Stage 2 program on.

Monday night dinner is a hearty, easy, tomato based/Mexicanny sauce, packed full of veggies and served on rice with corn chips and cheese.

You’d think after eating it every Monday throughout 2004, when I worked at Wollangarra as a staff member and for two and a half years recently, I’d be over it. But I’m not, I really enjoy it.

Here I also add a spoonful of yoghurt and jalapeños.

I love it, it’s healthy, hearty and oh so simple and delicious. Simply delicious.

Let me know if you have a similar dish in your repertoire.

One thought on “Monday Night Dinner

  1. Hey Clare this sounds delish, would you share the recipe for the tomatoey veg part please.
    Cheers Kate

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