Opening My Eyes

You know when you can’t find the words?

Well I can’t. I’m struggling to find the words to write about this year. The fact that one blow is followed by another.

As of March 2020 18.9 millions hectares had been burnt, communities decimated and businesses and homes lost. Australian’s banded together to raise funds, and support communities in need.

Then so quickly this focus was shifted when the world experienced a global pandemic. With more than 383,000 deaths world wide, and varying degrees of social isolation happening across our globe, we have essentially been on house arrest.

People we stock piling toilet paper and you couldn’t buy flour or pasta. Where did the generosity of the nation go?

This week the death of George Floyd, and African American man, has brought white supremacy to the forefront of white peoples minds all around the world. This man was murdered by a white police officer, who pushed his knee into his neck for nine minutes, because he used a counterfeit $20 at a market.

I say ‘brought to the forefront of white peoples minds’ as from my understanding, this is something BIPOC don’t have the benefit of not thinking about.

After everything this year has thrown at us, at me, the one thing I am really thankful for is that my awareness has been raised of my white privilege. So in this time that I have, I am learning. I am trying to keep my personal education sustainable, something I was speaking with a friend about earlier, because this is something that needs to last.

My white fragility has keep my from speaking about anything to do with any race other than my own. My fear of saying or doing the wrong thing has kept me silent. So now I’m reading, watching and listening to anything that can educate me on the plight that is experienced daily by BIPOC.

I’m learning about the 425 Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people who died in policed custody since the RCIADIC was handed down in 1991.

I’m learning about the Aboriginal Flag being the only flag in the world that is copyright, and the exclusive rights are currently held by a company with non-indigenous owners. Meaning that Ingenious Australians are unable to use their own flag in their art work.

I’m learning about amazing artists, singers and authors that my eyes hadn’t been opened to before.

Gorgeous artwork from Matakupaat Arts

I’m learning about my inherent white supremacy, and getting out of my comfort zone because others don’t have the opportunity of getting in theirs.

I’m learning.

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