In My Kitchen June 2020

It’s been a long time since I wrote an In My Kitchen post and I’m glad to be back on the horse.

I’ve filmed a video, so feel free to check that out. It was seriously raining when I was filming so that’s what you can hear in the background. Gosh I love that sound.

My brand new lame – Jay made me this beautiful lame for holding a razor blade for slashing bread. Up until this point I had just been holding the bare blade in my fingers, and risked cutting my fingers every time I baked a loaf of bread. Who says bread baking isn’t extreme!?! I’m loving this though and feeling much safer.

Cheese knife – Jay made us a cheese knife. He’s been making them in his forge and uses all reclaimed materials. He’s been making a few and selling them and we hadn’t had one yet, so we finally got this beautiful knife. Check out his Instagram for more beautiful knives.

Thermomix – I had always scoffed at Thermomix’s. ‘I like cooking’ I said, ‘I like the process.’ We’ll now I scoff at myself. I love the Thermomix, we use it multiple times a day.

We bought ours second hand off Facebook Marketplace, it’s a TM5 and came with two bowls and I love it.

Jay baking up a storm – throughout ISO Jay, like a lot of people, started baking. He baked profiteroles, carrot cake, he followed the Arnott’s recipes for Monte Carlo’s and Scotch Finger’s. It was such a treat to have things baked for me to enjoy.

New shelves – When we originally built we put one layer of shelves across the top of the splash back. They were mostly used as decorative. And once we moved back home we decided to put a second layer of shelves in to hold the decorative bits and bobs so that the first shelves can hold more useful things like glasses.

Jay made the brackets from steel in his forge and the timber is from a friends scrap stash, we stained it to be the colour we wanted. And I love them.

Life Changing Food by Jo Whitton – We use this cookbook a lot. Each meal plan we do there is at least one recipe from this cookbook. Most of the recipes have a thermomix method, which we love but they all have a conventional method. The butter chicken is delicious!

Jo also has a great instagram account where she shares what she’s cooking most days, often with links to her delicious recipes.

Chilli’s from our local produce swap – I popped down to our local food swap to grab some of these delicious chilli’s. I’m going to save the seeds from a couple of them to plant for next year.

Thanks so much for checking out what’s in my kitchen, head over to Sherry’s Pickings to see what’s happening in a few other kitchens.

14 thoughts on “In My Kitchen June 2020

  1. well this was an amazing surprise Clare! i think it’s about five years since you did IMK, so i am very pleased to see you!! thanks muchly for joining in. your hubby is so clever and a real keeper. take care and see you next month!

    1. It has been a long time between In My Kitchen posts and I hope to continue ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Glad to see you are posting again! I am from the US and it is always interesting to see the differences, slight as they are, in kitchen tools, ingredients, cooking terms, etc. Anyway, I have always enjoyed reading about and hearing from you. Are those red peppers you pictured called Scotch Bonnets?

    1. I thought the Thermomix was world wide, but they mustn’t be. It’s sort of like a fancy food processor.

  3. Your husband is quite amazing! What fantastic knives and tools he makes. I didn’t want to join another social net, so can’t go on Instagram, but it would be great if he just had his own website. Now I want to give the Thermomixa try as well. Aloha

    1. He’s hoping to put some on Etsy but they keep getting sold before they make it on there :). Let me know if you try out the thermomix.

  4. What a gorgeous lame! I also hold the razor blade bare and always think I’m about to lose a finger into the dough! Sometimes I load it into the tip of a pointy chopstick

  5. What a beautiful lame, hubby is very talented, my favorite sourdough scoring tool. Have to say the thermomix has never appealed to me even though I’ve attended a few demos. But I do know others wouldn’t be without one. ๐Ÿ™‚

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