A Night in Melbourne

We were offered our friends apartment in Melbourne, they weren’t using it and I said no. It felt too self indulgent to just take a weekend away but when I put two and two together and found that it was the weekend of our wedding anniversary, the timing was too perfect. So I accepted the lovely offer and started researching restaurants.

Each year for our wedding anniversary we like to celebrate in style and enjoy a multi-course dinner. For our first anniversary we went to Loam, our second we ate at Brae, for our third we went to Oakdene Estate, we celebrated at Little Green Corner for our forth, our fifth anniversary we enjoyed a meal at IGNI, we actually didn’t spend a night out for our sixth and our seventh we enjoyed dinner at The Long Paddock.

We don’t spend time in Melbourne, I never really have. I grew up in Geelong and am quite happy to never spend time in the city. So having one night, child free in the big city. So we asked our city going friends where they would recommend and took their lead.

We went to two different places for pre dinner cocktails, The Arbory and LoopRoof. This has inspired us to make more cocktails, and make pretty garnishes. Perfect for these times I think.

Then we headed to dinner. We chose to enjoy the tasting menu at Lesa. We had such a lovely time. Each course came with a matched wine. And as the evening went on the photos got blurrier and blurrier. I don’t have much recollection of what each course was, but I do know each was mouth wateringly delicious.

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