Delicious, simple and hearty meals to cook while socially isolating

What a crazy time it is in the world right now. Where the right thing to do is stay at home, socially distance from each other, but we’re still allowed to see each other, stay 1.5m apart, go to the supermarket and go for a walk.

Apart from the craziness of the world, people getting really sick and dying, lots of people loosing their jobs and therefore income and not being able to hug my friends and family (unless they live with me), this is kind of my jam. I’m an introverted, homebody, who always has a full pantry and loves to cook things from scratch, I’d recently placed a seed order that should get us through the year, I keep 25kg bags of flour in the cupboard and I do online grocery shopping and get it delivered because grocery shopping hurts.

So I wanted to share some delicious, hearty, cheap meals that you could cook, hopefully with things from your pantry during this uncertain time.

The first thing is a fairly simple bread. It’s yeasted, and I made it at Wollangarra a lot. You can turn it into a loaf with a tin, or split it into about 16 and make flat breads. It’s wonderful, and fairly simple.

Of course, you can always learn how to make sourdough bread with a starter from me and instructions in my ebook.

Here’s simple delicious, simple chocolate biscuits. I think you could mix these up pretty easily in a thermomix, if you have one.

How about lasagne? Here’s The Best Ever Lasagne, I was told. If you don’t have any lasagne sheets in your pantry, you could use thinly sliced sweet potato, pumpkin or egg plant instead.

Baked beans can be an any time of the day meal. These ask for white beans, but I think you could try any dried bean BUT I’ve never tried, so you could give it a go and let me know.

If you have a couple of cans of chick peas you could make some falafel.

Trying to get ALL the veggies into your food, so you don’t get scurvy (too soon?), try this veggie packed bolognase.

I love this simple biryani and it uses things we would have in our pantry or freezer most of the time.

Jay’s dahl is such a winner, with wonderful simple ingredients and so much flavour, it’s a hearty warming meal for these uncertain times.

With all the flour that people stocked up on at the beginning of this crazy-ness you could make your very own pizza bases, top with your favourite toppings, Elliot loves ham cheese and pineapple, I prefer something with a few more vegetables.

I did see a funny photo posted by Hamish Blake on Instagram about how Risoni was the only thing left in the pasta aisle, if that’s the case, you’re in luck. This chicken and risoni soup is yummy!

If you’re needing something you can pull out for a quick lunch, then these sausage rolls are perfect, or these ones.

And of course, my grandmas apple slice is a great one to pull out now. I’ve made it with apples, rhubarb and pear. I’d love to know if you try something else.

Hopefully there’s some ideas to fill your days and bellies. I’d love to know what you’re cooking right now. And how you’re filling your days.

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