Christmas 2019

Christmas Eve cocktails and seafood platters. Hilarity in the form of ‘Shout Out’. A delicious gin trifle. Returning home and wondering what the next day will bring. Waking early to the excited call that Santa had come. Unwrapping presents. Seeing our family walk up our drive way. Presents given in reusable brown bags. Kris Kringle gifts swapped followed by a decedent brunch, featuring, English muffins with smoked salmon, bacon, eggs and hollandaise sauce, sourdough pastries from Ket Baker and bircher muesli with mimosas. A solo trip to the beach with time to read my book. Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, ham, lamb, and turkey with delicious stuffing, salads, veggies and little oven warmed bread rolls. Lovely chats with a gorgeous view.

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