Music festivals on a budget

I love music festivals. I’ve been to a lot over the years. One summer when I was at uni, I think I went to eight festivals. I’ve also always done everything on a tight budget.

Last weekend, while enjoying the festival vibes at Queenscliff Music Festival I was marveling at how we were able to enjoy the festival while spending less than $50 ($100 if you include the baby sitter) including our tickets to the festival. So I thought I’d share my tips to enjoying a music festival on a budget.

1. Bring your own food. No matter if it’s a single day festival or a full weekend, it’s easy to pack snacks. In the past, for multi day festivals, I’d pack esky’s full of snackable food. Dips, crackers, carrots, bread, cheese, things to make sandwiches etc. This weekend we packed Elliot’s lunch box as though he was off to kinder, a few pieces of focaccia and I took myself a salad. All food that we already had at home.

2. Don’t drink (alcohol). Seriously, it’s the most expensive part to any festival. And if you’re going to, just enjoy a couple and really get into the music. That’s what our money went to, 4 alcoholic drinks over the 2 days and churros, because they’re delicious.

3. Get a free ticket. Most festivals are looking for volunteers to help set up, pack up or help out during the festival. Check out the website for more info.

4. Get into the free stuff. Often there will be other gigs, activities or events in or around the festival. We spent most of the weekend in the kids sections where there we workshops, face painting and free rides for kids.

My BYO salad for lunch.

I’d love to hear your tips on festivalling on a budget.

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