My Final Day in Bali

Waking on my final full day, my first solo day in Bali, was such a treat. I woke in my beautiful bungalow, moved to the day bed and meditated for 20 minutes, my new daily practice.

After an amazing self love retreat, my theme for the day was of course self love. After meditation, I read my book while eating breakfast. One of the many easy-to-read love stories I read while in Bali.

Then I walked the streets of Canggu to get to Tonic Spa and Botanicals.

This gorgeous spa was the treat I had been waiting for. For $78 Australian dollars, I was treating myself to a foot ritual, full body massage, gentle turmeric body scrub, facial, fragrant floral bath, and full body moisturise. It lasted for 3 hours, and I loved every minute of it.

Once finished, I wanted to continue to honour loving myself. So I caught a scooter to the other side of Canggu, and took myself to Ubud Raw Chocolate for a ceremonial cacao. I sat, enjoying the drink slowly, reflecting on the version of myself that would be leaving Bali. Reflecting on life when I returned home. I purchased a block of ceremonial cacao, so that I can continue this ritual at home.

From here I jumped on the back of another scooter to head back to my street. I got off at The Loft, I ordered lunch and pulled out my book. I sat slowly enjoying my lunch, and reading my book, what a treat!

By now it was mid-afternoon, and I wandered back down the main street to the Love Anchor Market. I bought a hanging macrame to use to decorate our home and perused the market.

Once back in my bungalow I jumped in the pool, then set myself up on the day bed with a couple of Bintang and some chocolate. I alternated between watching something on Netflix and reading yet another love story for a few hours before venturing out for dinner.

I had mentally committed to a restaurant I had heard rave reviews about and the food looked delicious on Instagram. But when I took my seat, and looked at the menu it didn’t feel right for my last night in Bali. So I got up and walked out.

I slowly dawdled back towards my room and came across a restaurant serving Balinese food. All the food is presented in a glass cabinet and to order you simply point at the dishes you’d like to try. I ended up paying $8.50 for my dinner and beer.

When I got back to my room, I crawled into bed and set myself up with a movie, my favourite way to end the day.

What a delightful day. It was the perfect way to spend my last day in Bali. I’d love to hear your dream day in the comments below.

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