Distance Education

Elliot just turned 5 and because we’re living and working where we are, he has never been to kinder, he did go to occasional care when we were in Portarlington and for a term or so when we were up here. It’s at least an hour each way to town including the flying fox, or the walk around, so daily driving to and from town is just not really an option for us.

We knew when we signed up for this job that it’d be likely we’d be homeschooling for part of our experience because we want Elliot to go to our local primary school when we finish up. I tell you what, I’m glad it’s a now, as we have a bit of knowledge and understanding about our job, because it’s tough.

It’s tough to fit in amongst a full time job. It’s tough to spend so much time offsite to access the internet. And it’s tough to have that relationship with Elliot.

He’s never been one for sitting still, holding a pencil, never really been into books, drawing, colouring etc. He’s loud, busy and active. We’re about 6 weeks into the year and each morning he says something like, ‘do you know was a doesn’t make me happy, school work.’ And I know that it’s mostly because he finds english (reading and writing) hard, but it still breaks my heart.

But I’m finding every day that it’s just a little easier, I have switched form a “god damn it, we’ve gotta get the school work done” mindset to a ‘this’ll be fun’ mindset and I’m noticing that he is too. He’s able to sit still for longer, something has just clicked with his reading and writing and he’s starting to recognise more words and we’re both finding a bit of a groove.

This year is to get him prepared for when he gets into a classroom next year. I always thought of it as being kinder. But after a chat with our local school and the possibility of him going into grade 1 next year, I feel like we’ve got to take it seriously.

So he’s enrolled in Distance Ed, he has teacher, I am his supervisor and we get sent packages of school work. He has a curriculum and gets marked school work returned each week. We have to do a lot of the work offsite as it mostly requires a computer and the internet. We’re working it out and it’s starting to feel fun, and I’m so proud of him.

Did your little one start school this year? How are you finding it? Do you or anyone you know homeschool or do distance ed? I’d love to hear your stories.

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