9v9 Veggie Challenge

Since Alice (of The Whole Daily) starting talking about 9v9 Veggie Challenge I have been intrigued. 9 cups of veggies a day for 9 days, should be simple right, and even though I know that I feel better when eating a lot of veggies and protein, I found that I was still filling up on sugar or carbs.

So for the most recent round of 9v9 I bit the metaphorical nutra-bullet and paid the $75 for unlimited access. I went to Officeworks and printed off the two cookbooks that we get access to throughout the challenge and did a big grocery shop.

The idea was to eat mostly above ground, lighter vegetables. Breakfast recipes offered were mostly various smoothies and as we have no electricity they were not an option for me, so I stuck with my usual brekkie fry up. In the jar below was my take to work brekkie from our cottage, Tussocky to Wollangarra. A fry up of zucchini, mushrooms, grated carrots, and peas, topped with feta, quarter of an avocado, hemp seeds and dulse flakes. About 3 cups of veggies for breakfast, we measure raw veggies.

This cabbage and roast chicken salad was so delicious. Crunchy, sour from the squeeze of lemon juice and creamy from the little bits of pine nuts and chicken. I made it multiple times throughout the 9 days.

We have a super fun tradition with our 2019 staff team, Deli Dinner at Tussocky whenever we can fit it in. And seeing as this one was in the middle of my 9v9, I stocked up on veggies throughout the day and then served freshly made veggie dips and veggie sticks. As well as a delicious array of delicious deli foods.

Another fry up above and below the cabbage and chicken salad again. Served with kale chips and a secret veggie macaroni and cheese.

One of the things that both Jay and I found is that we just weren’t that hungry. We wake quite early, but weren’t ready to eat breakfast until mid-morning, and then we’d generally both be happy to hold out for dinner. I raised this with Helen and she said that this isn a great result, as we were feeding ourselves with such nutrient dense foods that we were satiated for longer and weren’t snacking on carbs and sugar. Others mentioned that they weren’t getting full after breakfast and (one of the things that I loved about this ‘program’) she was encouraged to snack if she needed to but snack of veggies. Carrot with a veggie dip etc.

I started to get creative with the ways we could all eat enough veggies and this one tray Okonomiyaki from Simplicious. Meant each serve of this slice had about 2 cups of raw veggies and then we added homemade beetroot dip, some olives and a 1/3 of a steak (we share one between the three of us).

Meals out weren’t tricky to navigate, the lunch below was from Cafe Onyx in Traralgon, and during the challenge we went to dinner at The Long Paddock for our anniversary.

I also had a night on my own and this is what I really wanted to eat for dinner, so I just did.

Our final 9v9 dinner was Cauliflower and grape salad, gosh, this one was delicious! Again, served with a third of a steak, it was perfect.

I’d recommend the 9v9 Veggie Challenge to anyone, the recipes are delicious, there are no rules and its a great way to get back into the groove of getting more veggies into you. The lives with Helen Padarin are invaluable, she has so much knowledge in her brain. Thanks so much to Helen and Alice for running it and to everyone else involved.

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