Some FAQ’s about doTERRA

I thought it’d be fun to share some questions I get asked about doTERRA a lot. Maybe some of these are questions you’ve been asking yourself. Maybe some of these questions are the reason you haven’t got your first oils yet.

I don’t want to join a cult.
It’s not a cult but there are a lot of loved up oil users, so I can understand why you may think that.

Are there any minimum order expectations to stay active?
Nope. No expectations at all. It’s a $35 enrolment fee initially, and then $25 each year for reenrollment, and with that you get a free Peppermint oil, which costs $26!

They’re really expensive.
They’re not cheep, but you’re paying for quality. Also there’s about 50 lemons used to make a 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil. That bottle costs $13.50. How much would 50 lemons cost? But also, there’s no expectations and commitment, so you can buy as many or as few oils as you like.

You mean they’re for more than just emotional benefits? They’re more than just pretty smells?
Yep the reason I have so many oils is for topical use. A lot of pain related oils for big days on the Wollangarra flat. Each oil really does have so many uses, emotional and physical.

Do you eat them? Rub them on your skin? Or What?
You can diffuse them in a cold steam diffuser, use them topically on your skin as a purefume or for aches and pains, or you can use them as a food additive, choc orange bliss balls? Yes please!

How will I know how to use them?
That’s why doTERRA is a Multi Level Marketing company. You get education from the people you signed up with. They will help you find resources, which books and apps are great. But also feel free to do your own research, there’s amazing Facebook groups out there and Pinterest is a treasure trove of information.


If you now have different questions find me on Instagram at @clare.reilly I’d love to chat!

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