A Cuppa With Clare – Life Update

Grab a cuppa and enjoy a bit of a life update.

Doing: working, visiting, road tripping, eating, cooking, tidying. Our staff had two weeks off at this time of the year and we like to use it to catch up on non-program related work. That’s involved putting a lot of important documents into storage, and doing some visits to supporters and even the man who built Wollangarra 30 years ago. The rest of the time is going to be used to do some building, tidying and admin around Wollangarra and our cottage Tussocky.


Hearing: Elliot singing. Gosh I love that sound. Drinking: Dandy Chai in the morning, red wine in the evening.

Eating/cooking: When I get to choose (because we live at a school camp), it’s meat and piles of veg. Low on carbs, high on veg. My favourite recently has been cauliflower and broccoli blanched, then coated in butter! So good. I’m also reducing my sugar, it doesn’t make me feel great, so I’m trying to come up with easy savory snacks. Hummus with carrot is a winner. I’d love to hear some of your favourite savory snacks.

Wanting: To be back at Tussocky. We’ve been road tripping for a few days now and been in the car most of today. And still have multiple hours of traveling ahead of us.

Looking: forward to some holidays that we have planned. We’re off to Hawaii in just over a week and then we’re having a week in Portarlington. It’ll be so lovely to have some quality time to catch up with friends while we’re in Portarlington.

Deciding: on what to pack for Hawaii. We’re taking carry on only, so we need to be careful with what we pack. I’m also putting a lot of thought into games/toys/activities and food for the plane. If you have any travelling with a four year old tips send them my way!

Enjoying: Our staff team. Gosh we have such a wonderful group of people working with us. They’re competent, understanding, and just generally wonderful.


Savouring: The warmth from the fire. The days here are icy cold and as much as our lives are spent outside, I do love to huddle around the fire. It won’t be too long before the days warm up and the winter days will be switched with warming sunshine.

Watching: We don’t have a lot of time or electricity for watching but when we do we love to get stuck into an episode or two of The Walking Dead.

Reading: I’m currently read The Handmaids Tale. I’ve loved the show and am finding that there’s a lot of details in the book that are happening in the second season. Great to have a reread. I also just finished reading Wonder which I really enjoyed and I’d love to watch the movie.

Wearing: checked shirts and jeans. I also recently found an ankle length overall dress that makes a lot of appearances.

Buying: Essential oils and food mostly.

Planning: For all our upcoming holidays. But also daily planning for work, next years calendar, staffing etc.

Craving: Some downtime in the sunshine.

Loving: Like I said above, I’m really enjoying our staff team and I’m loving that I’m able to focus on the bigger picture of my job.

Playing: Not a lot, sadly. I’m no much of a player, and I really should, Elliot loves it, obviously. Jay’s really good at playing. I should get into it more. But I do love me a good dance party.

Feeling: Good, happy, content, tired, cold, full, all the things!

This post is inspired by Pip Lincolne’s Taking Stock and Heidi’s Happenings. The photos were taken by my mum in her recent visit.

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