How doTERRA Changes Our Lives

In 2015 I was at my whits end. Elliot had this cough, a cough that grates on your heart. A raspy, awful cough that went all day every day. He was on course after course of antibiotics, they tried him on steroids, he had X-rays for his chest to see if he had asthma and there was nothing.
One day for fun, we went to the Portarlington psychics expo, and the first stall in the door was a doTERRA stall. I’d never heard of doTERRA and essential oils seemed a bit woo wooy to me, and doTERRA was so expensive. But we’d tried everything, I was desperate. So we purchased a starter kit and set the diffuser up in his room.
At the same point, we also started visiting salt rooms in Geelong. We’d sit in a room filled with salt 3 times a week, driving over an hour return for each session and costing us more money then we had, we had invested a lot financially into Elliot’s health.
And we started to see results, his cough started to ease. And eventually he only got he cough as the first sign of sickness, which he still gets even now.
After the oils had ‘done their thing’ I put them away in the cupboard only to be forgotten about. Some time later, a year even, I rediscovered the oils. I got them out and they started living on the bench, we’d payed a lot for these oils and I’d shunned them to the cupboard.
So I got them out and started using them any chance I got. For cleaning, cooking, play dough flavouring, diffusing, supporting emotions and our immune systems.
I continued to blog and I started to share my use of the oils. I was never great at being a stay at home mum, I love Elliot but people and community are my jam. I started to loose myself in the SAHM bubble and I needed to get out, to focus on something else every now and again.
So I reached out and started teaching classes, I started sharing more on my Instagram account about how we use the oils and how others can get them into their homes too. Sharing the oils not only helped our immune systems, but it saved my soul a little too.
I’ve recently started taking doTERRA’s most popular product, yep it’s not their oils, the Lifelong Vitality Pack, the supplements. And although it’s too soon to give too much feedback, I had the best nights sleep last night that I’ve had in a long time. But I’ll write a full post soon.
I’d love to connect with you, people are my jam, if you’re interested in learning more about the oils and how you can so easily get yourself a wholesale account and get your hands on these gorgeous oils.
Images from Alice Nicholls at The Whole Daily

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