Life Happenings 22/4/18

This blog post has been written in dribs and drabs over March and April.

Doing: Working, a lot. Our hours are long, days full, sun up until sun down we are busy on the flat, working with young people or farm work or admin. I do a lot of admin, email answering, phone call returning, planning for 2019 already.

Recently I had a quick but beautiful visit home. I had a few appointments in Geelong but other than that I enjoyed time with my mum, dad and sister. It was a lovely slow few days.
Hearing: the morning call of the kookaburra, our rooster and quiet farm noises.
Drinking: a few glasses of cask wine, it’s a day off today and to get everything in and out of our little cottage is quite the adventure. We first purchase things in our closest town, approximately 30 mins drive from our front gate. Once we return to the gate we must unload from our car and load into a Wollangarra vehicle, since the front paddock isn’t ours. We drive the very bumpy 1 km drive to the ‘landing’ where we park our cars. Next the Wollangarra vehicle is unloaded into a rickshaw, which is then pushed or pulled to the bottom of the hill to the flying fox. The rickshaw is the unloaded as we carrying bags, packages, groceries etc up this hill in arm fulls. Finally, we pile our purchases, and ourselves onto the fox platform and fly across the river. Once we reach the Wollangarra side of the river the fox is then unloaded, often we send it back for subsequent trips over the river, but if it’s just one, it’s unloaded into another rickshaw, then pulled up to the homestead. If the groceries are for us at our cottage, Tussocky, they are then loaded into a backpack. Slung onto our backs and we keep on adventuring. Walk through the homestead paddock, past our wonderfully large veggie garden, jump the fence and scramble down to the river. We wade the river during summer and when the river is up we use the canoe. Once we reach the other side of the river, we stroll along the well worn path until we reach our little bush cottage. Last year we were particular with our wine choices, but we’ve realised its easier to get wine into our house in a cask, and much easier to dispose of, so I’m currently drinking a well deserved glass of cask wine.
Eating/Cooking: Recently for breakfast I’ve been enjoying fried eggs, with sautéed greens from the garden, topped with homemade plain yoghurt, with sunflower seeds and pepitas. Last week I also added some homemade pumpkin dip that had been excess from what went out on hike.
One of our staff members/housemates has been making the most incredible rye sourdough. One day I’ll learn how to bake it too, but right now I’m just really enjoying eating the bread she bakes. Some days I’ll add a slice of that or a leftover flatbread to breakfast.
Sourdough hot cross buns have been a regular around here. I’ve always used this recipe, but Celia says I should try this new recipe of hers.
I’m so thankful to say that we’ve been eating a lot from the garden. I cannot claim to have done any of the work growing the produce, but I very much appreciate all the time that has gone into it.
Wanting: A little more family time. Jay, Elliot and I live where we work, from the minute we wake until the minute we fall into our beds at the end of the day, we’re working and we actually don’t spend that much time together. We have one day off a week most days and often I spend that hidden behind a book or a computer screen watching something, zoning out from the world. We really need to make more time to spend as a family, I’m just not sure how.
Looking: forward to some holidays we’ve got planned, a few days here a week there. How exciting.
Deciding: to write more blog posts. They will just be tales of our life, and they still may be few and far between but I enjoy writing and I like sharing tidbits of our adventure out here.
Enjoying: a slow morning. It doesn’t happen often but Elliot woke when it was almost light this morning and it makes a huge difference to my sanity.
Savouring: solo time. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, boy is it a treat!
Reading: I recently re-read all of the Harry Potter books, I love to read but with our big work days I need some light reading. So I’ve taken to reading teen books that I’ve read before. I’m currently in the middle of The Hunger Games series.
I’m also obsessed with the library, I always have been. I’ve been enjoying perusing Eat Dirt, The Cornersmith cookbook, and Headspace I borrowed Pete Evan’s cookbook Lunchbox, and I liked it so much Jay bought it for me from Kmart.
I’ve also just been loaned The Guernsey Literacy and Potato Peep Pie Society. I’m looking forward to watching the movie.
Watching: All the old things. I watched the Harry Potter movies after reading the books, then of course moved on to the Hunger Games Movies. I’ve been watching Sex and the City episodes when I get some down time and when Jay and I get a change to watch something together we’ve been loving Suits and we’ve just started watching The Walking Dead.
Inspired by Pip and Heidi

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