This week…

Hello, how are you? How has your week been?

This week we have been recovering from our Open Day. It’s a wonderfully big day filled with supporters new and old, and it’s our biggest fundraiser for the year (Wollangarra is a not-for-profit, so fundraise we must). This day takes a huge amount of organisation and preparation, and a massive on site week of build up and set up and then about that of pack up too. I didn’t take too many photos but I did make a little video that I shared on Wollangarra’s Instagram account.

Last week I was reminded on my love of spinning wool when I took 15 minutes on Open Day to sit with our amazing demonstrator, Marion and have a refresher.

This week we all jumped in the mini van, Alby and headed up and over the mountain to visit Ian and Liv Stapelton who built Wollangarra. There’s something special about Wollangarra, the way it was built, with the help of the community is quite remarkable and Ian and Liv still hold a special place in all of our hearts (I have to say when I first met them it was definitely a fan girl moment). So we put Elliot’s car seat into the van, we packed up food and bedding for 8 and jumped in the van for three big days of driving.

We stopped in opshops along the way, we ate ice cream and stopped for dinner at the Omeo Hotel, where we played pool while waiting for our meals. We camped at a road side stop and Jay looked at me with a twinkle in his eye, “we are at work” he said. We woke to the most spectacular sky, and then drove on for some snow play.

Our visit with Ian and Liv was wonderful, great for our staff to meet the man behind their all consuming place of work and hear the stories about the original ‘why’, to hear that life moves on afterwards is also super valuable.

Last week my sister came to visit. It was the craziest week on the flat we’d had all year, with a program out in the field, another on the flat and Open Day preparation in full swing, she took it all in her stride. Hannah had been through the Wollangarra program as a young person but hadn’t been back in lot 11 years. I think it was great for her to see the place really doesn’t change that much and so wonderful for the young people to see what it’s like to move on from Wollangarra. I loved having Hannah up so so much, she headed up baking about 30 trays of cake for Open Day, and that’s no easy feat when we only have 9 trays and 7 oven spaces. We were baking from breakfast until dinner!

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

Do you have something fun planned?

Kay, Bye, Love Clare xx

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