Things I’m loving!

I’ve been reflecting on some things I’m loving in life these days and I wanted to share some of them with you. Life is good, great in fact, the days are long and full, and I go to bed with a full heart and wake with a smile. I hope you are doing the same.

The app Pocket – we don’t have internet where we live or work, or even for about a 30 minute journey from our front door. This app can save webpages to your phone offline. I’m finding it particularly excellent for recipes from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial because Celia’s recipes are so perfect for this place.

Two day old pony tales – there’s no mirrors here, there doesn’t need to be. It something we’ve talked about a fair bit, having young people, particularly young women, come up on camps here, the need to conform, or to confirm to feminist ideals. What we’re trying to share is the idea that 
we have the option to wear whatever we want; skirts hiking, dresses on a small farm, jeans etc, and have the choice to not shave or shave our arm pits and legs. I generally put my hair up in a pony tale to keep it out of my way and it stays in the same pony tale for a few days, until it gets too unruly. And do you know what, it doesn’t bother anyone.

Yeast over sourdough – you never thought you’d hear me say it but I’m enjoying baking with commercial yeast. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in love with sourdough and the process but it’s tricky here, trying to find the timings between long work days and young people in the kitchen, the wood fired oven never gets quite hot enough. I’ve been baking yeast loaves of bread, pizza scrolls for Elliot to take to occasional care, even stuffed focaccia.

Wild by Sarah Glover – It arrived in the mail last Friday and I had the whole weekend to devour it. The book is stunning and perfect for what we’re doing at the moment, I can see us baking quite a few of the over the campfire recipes out here. But more than that it is an inspiration, I would love to road trip around Australia after our time here and cook just like Sarah does.

Weekends – novel I know, but we work 6 days a week, Sunday through Friday. But 9 times a year we get a full 2 day (and sometimes even a 3 day) weekend. We bundle up some food and cross the river once again to escape to our cottage, Tussocky. We have two (or three) whole days of family time, pottering and watching the odd sneaky movie, relying on the computer battery to hold out until the end.

Our local Library – I’ve always loved a library. I love requesting any and every book that I see someone devouring on Instagram to have a peruse.

FuroshikiCelia posted me a couple of cotton wraps and I am loving using them. Our town missions end up with piles of bits and pieces and it wonderful to be able to contain them to carry across the flying fox.

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