July Taking Stock

Making: lists.
Cooking: stew with root veggies and a deer shank. I cooked it on our tiny gas hob for 7 hours. It was delicious and even better the next day.
Drinking: All the tea and weekend red wine
Reading: I Am Pilgrim – it’s oh so long and I’m sort of done with it but I just want to find out what happens.
Wanting: to bake some sourdough. I miss the process!
Looking: Out the window at the snow. We’re just driving over Mount Hotham on the way home from some lovely visiting.
Deciding: To make more of an effort to reduce my single use plastic. I’ve just bought bamboo toothbrushes for the next couple of years.
Wishing: I was sitting by our fire snuggled up with a bowl of soup and a glass of wine. Not long now though.
Enjoying: Being in the car with my boys. Car time has always been Jay and my real catch up time.
Waiting: For my mum and dad to visit next week!
Loving: Our new life!
Pondering: Only very occasionally, what we’ll do after Wollangarra.
Listening: To Elliot tell me he’s hungry every couple of minutes.
Considering: Birthday celebrations for my love.
Buying: Bamboo tooth brushes, op shop home wears and letter writing kits.
Watching: movies on our computer on the weekend evenings if we can get our computer charged enough.
Marvelling: At Elliot’s ability to adapt to our new life, and his language!
Needing: to figure out how to fit me time into this new life.
Questioning: how we got to be where we are
Smelling: smoke in my clothes, everything we do revolves around fire, cooking, warming and hot water.
Wearing: thermals, Red Back elastic sided boots and beanies
Following: fewer and fewer. My time with mobile service is so limited that I can’t scroll through all the things, so I’m reducing those I follow.
Noticing: how sugar effects Elliot and trying to be very mindful of that.
Knowing: that we are exactly where we need to be
Thinking: ALL. THE. TIME. My brain feels so full of all the things. I’m doing a lot of list writing.
Admiring: Ian Stapelton. He’s the man behind Wollangarra. He came up with this idea, devoted his whole life to it, then left it for others to run. If you want to know more about how Wollangarra was set up you should find the book Secondhand And Solid.
Getting: excited about checking the mailbox when we get home. Snail mail is my favourite.
Coveting: solo time.
Giggling: with Elliot. He’s such a character.
Feeling: so happy and a little tired
Helping: Jay learn about stay at home/work at home parenting
Mixing: work and pleasure.
Celebrating: life. It really is wonderful.
Forgetting: birthdays! And I feel awful about it.
Pretending: that I know what I’m doing.
Embracing: no internet, no electricity, and the occasional gas hot water shower!

4 thoughts on “July Taking Stock

  1. Loved reading that. You have certainly taken on a new lifestyle. Not sure if I could embrace a long span of time sans the comforts of life (that I have got used to – & appreciate- over my 10 decades on this planet.)
    I like the ‘idea’ of living simply….lol….
    Lizzie always did sing your praises regarding your energy and capacity and conviction!
    Happy to revert to snail mail and send the odd letter to you too. Will get the address from your mum.
    Enjoy this adventure! Trish x

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