Dream Job!

We’ve spent the last three weeks packing. Madly packing. Because just over three weeks ago we found out that we were successful in our application for our dream job. Directing Wollangarra. You might have seen the news on Instagram or Facebook, but if you haven’t here it is.

For the next three years, Jay and I will be co-directing Wollangarra, working in conjunction with the staff, who we will live on site with and the council, the governing body. Essentially the job is an admin job, chatting with schools, paying bills etc and making sure the staff are having the best time and are able to be their best for the school groups.

As you know, I think the place is amazing and it’s always had a piece of my heart. Now we get to be amongst it for the next few years. There is a landline on site, no internet reception, no electricity, no mobile service, it has an amazing community and a divine place to grow up. When we leave there Elliot will be 6! It also creates the best letter writing vibes!

You might be wondering how I might fare with no internet, as you would mostly know me via the internet. Well, I can’t wait to switch off. Every time we go there, I relish in switching my phone off and often feel anxious when coming back into reception. Of late, I have felt myself taking a fairly large step back from social media, you might have noticed too?

I will still be posting on Instagram and Facebook, but instead of posts every few days, you’re likely to get bombarded with posts once a week. The subject matter may be slightly different, although I suspect there’ll still be food, nature and essential oil photos, as these are my passions. I’ll still be working with the essential oils, so if you’re keen reach out and I have an amazing team who will support you when I can’t answer immediately.

I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us, how I go being back in full time work, and how things change for us as a family. And I hope you won’t mind me sharing it here.

7 thoughts on “Dream Job!

  1. Wow Claire!!! I left Instagram about 4 months ago so had no idea of the changes you’ve made ( and yes, a life with no social media – I left Facebook a long time ago- is fantastic!) but I had noticed your blog posts were few & far between.
    Good luck with everything & enjoy your new life xx

  2. WOW!!! That is wonderful news!!! Wish you the best on this new adventure, thought i will miss you here.
    I´ve been a little off too lately… i´m packing all family stuff because we sill be moving to France in September (We are portuguese, in case you are wondering).
    Amazing things are happening… May the journey begins! 😀

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