Life Lately – Taking Stock

MAKING: I’m loving sewing these little essential oil bags to send to anyone who signs up to my DoTERRA team.
COOKING: simple food. Meat and vegetables mostly, not a lot of sugar, and eggs, lots of eggs.
DRINKING: hot strong milky tea
READING: Sarah Wilson’s First, we make the beast beautiful*. I don’t consider myself to have anxiety, nor can I understand how someone who has it feels, but I do get anxious feelings. I’ve mentioned before that I am an over thinker, I over analyse everything and this can often lead to worry about having done the wrong thing. This book has been so refreshing to read.
WANTING: To snuggle up with a movie and a good book and a hot cuppa.
DECIDING: how we want the future to look. Monday to Friday, 9-5 doesn’t really work for us. And so we’re wondering what the next adventure is going to be for us.
ENJOYING: spending days with Elliot. It has taken me a long time for me to really immerse myself into toddler days. I’ve spend a lot of the last few years trying to do all the things, and I’ve realised that the time to play with Elliot will run out. So now we have dance parties, do crafting, cooking and spending quality time together.
LOVING: the amazing community I have around me. My family are close, geographically mostly, but their close emotionally and I’m so thankful for them! But as well as that I’m loving having such a wonderful group of like minded women around.
LISTENING: To podcasts. I loved this one A LOT, and I binge listened to all of this in just a few days and this gave me all the feels.
BUYING: essential oils, of course. I’m so excited for this package to arrive. There are some beautiful oils in there that will support us emotionally and physically. If you’d like to learn more about essential oils send me an email ( or check out this page.
WATCHING: Masterchef. I love reality TV particularly Masterchef and Survivor. I get so excited food while watching Masterchef, I love learning about different ways to use different, simple ingredients.
EATING: Although we’ve been cooking simple food recently I’ve been out for some amazing meals.

WEARING: Actually I’m loving today’s outfit. Black jeans from an opshop in Warnambool, a loose black top from an opshop in Drysdale and black moccasins from an op shop in Hayfield. I’m comfortable, feeling confident and saving the environment by buying secondhand.
SLICING: Two of Sarah Wilson’s loafs from Simplicious*. The Not Quite Banana Bread and The Allergy Free Bread, both delicious, are sliced and in the freezer. Then when we want one, just just defrost and put in the sandwich press and lather with butter!
EMBRACING: Me, myself and I. There’s been things that have made this tough recently but I’m the best version of myself and I’m bloody kicking goals!

Life has been slow and I’m loving it.

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  1. 9-5 is a challenge. It’s just not flexible. I know it’s where I am but I also don’t like it much. It’s ok but I don’t want it forever. It sounds like you have a bit of a transition going on now. Hope you find what you need 😉

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