5th Wedding Anniversary at INGI

A little over a month ago now Jay and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. It’s the one excuse we can think of each year to try the current ‘in’ restaurant in our area. Over the last few years we have dined at some gorgeous places. They’re always way out of our budget but it’s an occasion worth celebrating and devoting time to.

We went to Loam for our first wedding anniversary, Brae for our second, Oakdene for our third and Little Green Corner for our forth.

Lunch is my ideal meal out, I’m an early person, always have been. So if I can start celebrating, eating, drinking early that works best for me. Jay too thankfully.

So we booked in for lunch at IGNI in December and waited with much anticipation for our late February booking.

Mum and Dad looked after Elliot and we caught the bus into Geelong. With time to spare before our reservation, we stopped in at Union Street Wine Bar for a wine and then moseyed on to INGI.

No I must preface the lunch with the fact that I was nose deep in a cold, and only realised that I hadn’t recovered as much as I tough when I  discovered I couldn’t taste the wine at Union Street.

IGNI is a surprise, from the outside there are wide open windows covered by curtains, a strange look, but upon entering you realise that it’s perfect. It creates privacy with beautiful light. The venue is wonderfully small, Jay and I counted around 30 seats.

We were welcomed by Drew, one of the owners and an incredible server. He had in fact served us for our anniversary every two years, Loam, Oakene and now IGNI. We order a glass of sparkling to start us off and the food started to flow.

We were going to be enjoying the eight courses with wine matching. The courses made us smile, laugh, question what we were eating and discuss what was in front of us, just like any good meal should.

Processo RoseAppetisers Cucumber, mustard greens. Produce from Kinsfolk farm, was a wonderfully light meal of compressed cucumber and mustard greens. Marron, macadamia, nasturtium. A gorgeous macadamia puree with just cooked marron and peppery nasturtium flower Cod, cabbage and gabby. Cob wrapped in cabbage with a deep rich gabby broth Leek, Wagyu, Potato. Charred leeks with potato and impressively finely sliced wagyu beef. Pork neck, carrot and emu bush. The carrot was charred over coals for 24 hours, then dehydrated and rehydrated, served with †ender pork neck and emu bush sauce. Satiro, linseed, apricot. The cheese course was a linseed cracker with apricot and satire cheese. Onion, honey and quinoa. Drew asked us to guess the secret ingredient. Olin ice cream, who’d have thought, a quinoa shard and bur comb honey. Flowering gum, pine needle, raspberry. A perfect upgrade from the dessert we had on our first anniversary. To be honest by the time we got to the end we were so merry after our approximately 6 glasses of wine in about 2.5 hours and being child free that I can’t pin point the details of each courses.
I do know that it was a wonderful experience, the venue is gorgeous, the service impeccable, and of course the food genius. What an incredible way to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.

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  1. I’ve just come over because it’s been a little while since I’ve been to see what you’ve written. I’ve missed it 🙂 .. Happy to see a piece about Igni. Steve and I can’t wait to try it, it looks amazing!! Happy belated anniversary xx

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