Monthly Meal Plan 13

We picked up our second Sage Choice CSA pack last weekend. I really wanted to share with you what amazing value this is, how easy it makes our shopping and how we have more meat than we can eat each month. The meat is wonderful quality, tastes amazing and I know has had such a happy life.
We get a 6kg mixed beef and lamb pack which we pick up once a month from the Bellarine Community Farmers Market in Ocean Grove. I wanted to share what we got in this months pack, because I know that was something I would have love to have seen, obviously each month is different, but you can see the quantity.
  • Lamb sausages 430gm $9.63
  • Leg of lamb bone in 800gm $15.51
  • Lamb back strap 250gm $14
  • Scotch fillet 335gm $17.70
  • Porterhouse 600gm $24.27
  • Lamb cutlets 340gm $15.40
  • Mince 1kg $18 – this will be divided into 4 packs
  • Top side 1.3kg $28.08
  • Gravey steak 500gm $8
  • Osso bucco 500gm $9
Of course we’re still continuing to eat about 50% meat to vegetarian meals, but one change we have made is doing a monthly shop. Our budget is the same, except now we use $400 a month, instead of $200 fortnightly. I do an Aldi grocery shop, and usually purchase more than we need, then a big veggie shop each fortnight.
Here’s what we have planned for the month, we’ll probably do some double-ups, like pizza twice; and we’ll probably eat left overs a couple of nights:

Osso Buco Alle Milanese – Jamie’s Comfort Food* pg 244

Bloke Beer ‘n’ Beef with Mash – Simplicious* pg 206


Baked potatoes w shredded pork (from the freezer) and coleslaw

Sausages, roast potatoes and salad

Roast Lamb and Veggies

Falafel with wraps and salad – Apples Under My Bed

Veggie Dahl 

Pumpkin Korma – A Year In My Real Food Kitchen* pg 88

Veggie Lasagna


Big British Meat Balls – Jamie’s Comfort Food* pg 58

BBQ with Turnips, Dutch Carrots and Cannelloni Beans – Community* pg 85


Veggie Soup

Veggie Chilli and Rice

Nasi Goreng – Jamie’s Comfort Food* pg 108

Burgers – meat or veg

‘Mac and Cheese’ with Creamy Cauliflower Sauce – Pinch Of Yum

Rare Beef Hot Pot (using lamb blackstrap)- Australian Woman’s Weekly Real Food* pg 101

Sarah’s Mum’s Hungarian Goulash – I Quit Sugar Slow Cooker Cookbook* pg 49

I hope this gives you some inspiration for the next month.

* denotes affiliate link, meaning I make a small commission if you choose to shop with them, but it doesn’t cost you any extra. I only endorse products that I believe in and think that you’ll enjoy.

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