Veggie Packed Bolognese

Since I’ve started studying and I had to submit a very embarrassing assignment where I didn’t eat even half of the recommended serves of fruit and veg for the day, I have been very aware of getting extra veg into our diet.

Now I’m always cooking up an extra serve of veggies for dinner, or having eggs with sautéed veggies for breakfast, adding grated vegetables to a toasted cheese sandwich etc.

I was super proud of how this delicious veggie-ful dinner turned out and I wanted to share it with you, and having it recorded will mean I might remember it in the future.

We’d had a vegetable Mexican chilli for dinner and then the next night had a roast. So when I went to make our bolognese sauce, I grabbed the leftovers of both, chucked them in the food processor with a tin of tomatoes. I finally diced half an onion, fried until until soft and then added 250gm of mince to brown.

We only ever use 250gm of mince for any meal at a time, this way we stock the sauces full of veg. Once the mince was browned I poured over the blended veggie sauce, heated all together, turned it off and let it sit until dinner.

To get some additional veggies in, I spirialized a zucchini which got added to the fettuccine just before the got drained.

I shared it all on my Instagram Stories.

What is your favourite way to get in your 5 serves of veggies a day?

5 thoughts on “Veggie Packed Bolognese

  1. We are pretty good at eating veggies. If we have meat, we have at least 3 veg. Probably not real good at having good greens. We mainly just have peas and beans and zucchini. Hubby doesn’t like cabbage, cauli or broccoli…

  2. Good ideas Clare…I work in an area linked with nutrition and have done some of the same ‘self analysis’ and the (blindingly obvious) realisation I came to is that 5 serves (375g of veg) is too much to realistically eat at one meal unless you are eating a solely plant diet, so you need to eat some at breakfast and lunch too!
    As I said, obvious, but it does require a change in the way most people eat, especially at breakfast…

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