Why We Started Using doTERRA Essential Oils.

12 months ago I was in despair, Elliot had this cough, a crazy croopy cough that was so rattling and unsettling. We would take him to the doctor and be given antibiotics, then go home, things would get better, then it would come back as hard as before. So we’d go back to the doctor and they’d give him more prescription medication. This just kept happening, there seemed to be no fix. I was at my whits end and knew we needed to switch to a natural alternative.

We happened across doTERRA oils at a local physic convention. I loved the smells but was hesitant to get wrapped up in a party plan business, and felt pressured into buying, also on first glance these oils are SUPER expensive, particularly for someone who tries to budget with everything!

We took all the information home, and chatted about it. Honestly, we just didn’t have a choice, it was try something new or continue on the antibiotics and steroids train. So we contacted the consultant and signed up in the cheapest way possible.

The diffuser was immediately installed in Elliot’s room and had ‘Breath’ oil blend diffusing 24/7. We also decided to start going to salt therapy. And between the two of them it worked! Over the 9 weeks of attending Salt and using the diffuser, the cough went away. It returns now, always the first sign of him getting sick and it tends to linger long after the illness as gone.

After Elliot seemed cured, I put the oils aside and promptly forgot about them. Only recently did I put them all out again and start using them for my benefit and in our home. Now I’m using them for everything, from hair detangler, getting rid of itchy bites, soothing my dry hands, all the way to the emotional benefits, calming my anxious tummy, uplifting and helping relax at the end of the day.

Every day I am thankful that I found doTERRA and that we have these oils as the first point of call in our home.

Do you use essential oils? If you think you need them in your life (and I can tell you that you most probably do) you can check out my video introducing each oil HERE and you can purchase you oils by following the instructions on THIS PAGE.

2 thoughts on “Why We Started Using doTERRA Essential Oils.

  1. Hi Clare, I have just invested in doterra as well, not the business side of things, just the beneficial oils. They are such a pure exceptional oil, I have been using them to make my homemade toothpaste, to flavour water, in cooking and making lemon yoghurt, and simply to diffuse when I am Home long enough to enjoy them. My sister put me onto them and then we found them at our local Sunday market. The distributors are lovely and not pushy at all and are full of fantastic information. I just love them. Have a wonderful day.

  2. I actually looked into Doterra after I saw you sharing recipes where you’ve used them on Instagram. But it didn’t look easy to purchase, so I shelved the idea of purchasing any. Then I met a mum at a local playgroup who uses them and has an account, and bought lemon and lavender from her. I absolutely love them (used lemon to remove sticker residue), but I would like a diffuser.

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