Lazy Lady’s Frittata

We got home from camping at 2pm Saturday, we’d been in the car since 10am and we spent an hour unpacking. The last thing I wanted to do was to cook dinner. We could have ordered take away but honestly I couldn’t be bothered competing with the tourists in our town for fish and chips, and we had just collected a wonderful haul from our garden.

I decided to bake a frittata, and thought this is something I had to share with you because it was so wonderfully easy!

Firstly, I chose what sized frittata we were going to have. Then I started chopping some veggies, a zucchini from the garden, some left over sweet potato and cherry tomatoes from camping. I cut them in about 2 cm chunks and put them into the dish we would be using for the final frittata. Chuck in a couple of garlic cloves, skin on and give a glug of olive oil, put into the oven and turn heat to 180ºC. Cook for about an hour, until soft when poked with a fork.

Use the same fork to beat together 4 eggs, and when the veggies are cooked, remove the garlic, peel, mush and add to the eggs. Pour over the roasted veggies, crumble some feta or grate some parmesan over the top and return to the oven for about 40 mins, or until eggs are cooked through.

Serve with some sauerkraut, some salad greens, or as it is, just eat straight out of the pie dish. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

7 thoughts on “Lazy Lady’s Frittata

  1. Hi Clare,
    Completely delicious! I love a good frittata and I also love that you can put just about anything in them. I often make one out of leftover roast veggies for lunch. Your home grown produce looks so healthy. Have a great week.

  2. Yum, yum, yum! I’m doing this with whats in the fridge this coming Friday night.
    I always seem to have half a carrot, a bit of sweet potato, zucchini, dried up cherry toms….
    all perfect for this!

  3. A lazy lady meal is my jam – the summer heat renders me a little useless in the kitchen so delicious meals like this is what I need in my life haha. What a gorgeous garden haul – the colour on those courgettes is making me drool onto my keyboard.

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