10 Things That Put A Smile on My Dial

You don’t always need grand gestures to make you feel better about life, in fact you shouldn’t always need them. I’ve found myself being really reflective at the start of this year, looking back on last year and thinking about those real, simple things that made me happy. It’s important to focus on the positives, because life really is wonderful. I’d love to know some free, easy, simple, real things that make you happy.

  1. Finding a really great Spotify playlist
  2. Feeling the summer sun on my skin
  3. Dancing in a summer sun shower
  4. Picking home grown produce and then using it to cook something wonderful
  5. Laughing at a really hilarious podcast (Woman of the Hour with Lena Dunham, Season 2 Episode 2)
  6. Eating dinner on the deck
  7. Reading a great book
  8. Writing a letter, and then putting a stamp on it and posting it snail mail style
  9. Receiving a lovely text from a friend, or sending one
  10. When you try something and it works wonderfully the first time

2 thoughts on “10 Things That Put A Smile on My Dial

  1. I find that the simple pleasures are the ones that make me smile the most. Baking, walking, listening to the radio, gardening, writing, painting and best of all a good laugh with wonderful friends

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