Meal Plan #9

We’re a little into this meal plan now, but I still wanted to share it with you. Keeping things simple by just listing the meal rather than a spiel with each. Hope it gives you some inspiration.


These bowls are all the rage at the moment so I thought I’d stick it on the menu for our meal plan. I imagine if things come up though, this will be the first meal to go.

Irresistible Pork Buns – Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food* pg 104

I’ve wanted to cook these ever since I purchased this cookbook, in fact they may have even been the reason I bought it in the first place.

Mexican fried rice

We had fried rice last night, it’s my favourite emergency meal, and I thought how great it would be to do a Mexican styled fried rice with beans, spices and topped with avo and sour cream, maybe even some corn chips. I’ll let you know how it goes.

KFC (Kid Friendly Chicken) – I Quit Sugar For Life* pg 92


Falafel with Tabouleh and Turkish Bread

Meatless Balls – Molly on The Range* pg 81

Veggie Burgers

Eggplant cheesecake – Real Food* pg 31

Baked Sweet Potatoes with Slow Cooked Baked Beans


Dark chocolate buckwheat and pear loaf – My Darling Lemon Thyme* pg 120

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4 thoughts on “Meal Plan #9

  1. Looks like you my meals for this week!!
    Have you seen Maangchis kitchen on you tube? I’m totally obsessed with Korean food at the moment and her recipes are pretty easy to follow. Here’s the link for her bibimbap
    We’re on our way to the market and meal planning in the car so I came here for some inspo! Xp

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