Taking Stock… November 2016

This is a little about what’s happening in life at the moment. If you’d like to have a go, I think it’s a lovely way to sit back and reflect on life, then the gorgeous Pip has a blank list at the bottom of her Taking Stock.

Making: Grown and Gathered’s soured doughnuts from their beautiful new book. I was perusing it when I was at Little Green Corner recently and snapped a photo of the recipe (I wanted to buy the book but with Christmas so close…)
Cooking: fried rice for dinner
Drinking: so many cups of tea
Reading: the fundamentals of chemistry textbook. Classes for me started this week
Wanting: for nothing really, it’s a good place to be
Looking: at our gorgeous pink peonies
Deciding: on lots of big things recently and really glad where these decisions are taking me
Wishing: that I had a larger vocabulary

img_9859 img_9777
Enjoying: Elliot. Seriously watching them grow is the coolest
Waiting: for Jay to arrive home from work
Liking: the long light days
Wondering: if the summer weather will ever really hit
Loving: saying no
Pondering: where all my big conversations have gone. Maybe growing older has made me more grounded and content with what’s happening in my here and now
Listening: to podcasts when I’m in the car. I really love this one about gentle parenting, the conversation between the hosts of this is so engaging and this one is just beautifully set out with gorgeous guests
Considering: what’s going to be on next fortnights meal plan
Buying: the best Christmas presents for Elliot. I’m so excited for the big day
Watching: YouTube videos by these guys, and these guys and even this lady
Hoping: all the things I’ve ordered online arrive soon
Marvelling: at the Barwon Heads community garden. What a gorgeous inspiring place!
Cringing: at the evening tv choices. There’s honestly nothing we want to watch, so we end up flicking through channels for 30 mins then going to bed at 8pm
Needing: a few more hours in the day

img_9850 img_9860
Smelling: the pink peonies on our dining table
Wearing: boyfriend jeans every day, different colors, different lengths, same style
Following: the #queenspotting hashtag, it’s like the bee version of Where’s Wally?
Noticing: that the warm days just aren’t here yet. I want the sun to arrive for the bees and the garden.
Admiring: our garden. It really is coming along well
Bookmarking: recipes, all the recipes
Coveting: the Grown And Gathered cookbook. Hopefully Santa brings it
Opening: a lot of library books. Anytime anyone suggests a book to me I jump straight online to order it from the library
Giggling: at Elliot’s serious words. Yesterday he said ‘Mum, I don’t care about play school’. ‘What would you prefer Elliot?’ ‘You put on dragon movie please.’
Feeling: like a holiday is in order, just a little reboot for the brain
Hearing: the chickens, they are so loud
Slicing: into the egg free coconut cake I baked today
Celebrating: Christmas! It’s only November but I’m so excited that Elliot’s understanding the concept, so we’re listening to carols, talking about reindeers and Christmas trees
Forgetting: everything! If I already told you that, what time that appointment time was and if you’re coming for a cuppa!
Pretending: I’m on holidays. Saying no to a lot more has given more time for the good things
Embracing: commerciality. I was always going to be the parent who kid never watched tv, but it’s helpful and makes me a better human

2 thoughts on “Taking Stock… November 2016

  1. Great list Clare! I am also hoping for the Grown & Gathered book from Santa…

    Would love to know what Christmas presents you have got for Elliot? I have a 2 yr old boy, and Christmas is so much more magical this year. Usually I am super grinchy (consumerism! commercialism! stress!) but this year I am like Mrs Claus 🙂

    I am also a huge library user and have recently started “requesting” the library purchase specific books – they have always obliged, and means that I am first on the reserve list! A lovely book I borrowed recently is “A Year Between Friends” – lots of lovely photos and letters.

    1. Did you get Grown and Gathered fro Santa? I did and I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. We kept things pretty simple for Christmas, sorry I didn’t get back to you before Christmas. A wooden train set I picked up from Aldi months ago, a lunch box and a stamp set. He got a little plush toy from Santa and a trampoline from my Mum and Dad.
      How great is the library! I will request that book from the library right now. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

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