Meal Plan #8

Spinach Pici Pasta

I love watching cooking shows. I could have the cooking channel on all day every day, I find it great background noise and excellent inspiration for our meal plan. This recipe was on Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food and I googled it immediately. I can’t wait to try this version of pasta.

Baked Falafel – Real Food* pg 28

This cookbook just keeps on giving, the recipes last fortnight were to die for and the vegetarian section is outstanding.

Roast Chicken

I love cooking a roast chicken every couple of fortnights, the meat last so far through the fortnight. We can stretch it through about 4 meals, and then I cook up the carcass and make stock.

Chicken Tacos

Jay will make some tortilla, will whack together some salad, greens from the garden and we’ll use some of the chicken from the roast. Perfection!


Our fortnightly tradition, pizza. Jay whips up some bases, some sauces and we use whatever we have left in the fridge, maybe there’ll be some artichokes ready, or maybe we’ll have some homemade salami.


Sausages and okonomiyaki – Simplicious* pg 183

I love the Simplicious okonomiyaki. When you can mix everything together and chuck it in a pan and bake it, that right there is perfection!

Turkish Zucchini Fritters – Real Food* pg 64

Another mouth watering dish from Real Food, I can’t wait to try this vegetarian dish.

Spiced Lamb Cutlets – Real Food* pg 77

These spiced lamb cutlets are served with a bean and radish salad, but I’m going to see what I can get from the market, maybe I’ll serve it with asparagus.

Roast Veggie Salad

I love this one for versatility. We’ll chop up a couple of trays of veggies, cook some barley or rice and then stir it all together with some fresh herbs. There might be some roast chicken left over to top it off.

Vegetarian Moussaka

This one is going to be lasagne without lasagne sheets. I’ll make up a lentil tomato sauce and layer that between layers of sliced vegetables.

My Shopping List

olive oil
200 gm spinach
5 zucchini
320gm cherry tomatoes
flat leaf parsley
red onion
8 carrots
250 gm green beans/asparagus
sweet potato
green split peas
frozen peas
sour cream
Madjool dates
Baking paper
Dishwashing tablets
Dishwashing liquid
whole chicken
12 lamb cutlets

2 thoughts on “Meal Plan #8

  1. I’ll be really interested to see how your pasta works out and whether it tastes like spinach! My kids don’t eat as many greens as I would like but when I blend spinach into flour and make their tortilla wraps green they love it. Lots of spinach and they can’t taste it!

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