In My Kitchen November 2016

I haven’t shared an In My Kitchen post for a couple of months, so I thought I’d jump right in and make a video for you guys. I’d really love if you could subscribe to my Youtube channel if you enjoy the videos and would like to see more.

The Flavour Thesaurus*

This book came into my possession some time ago. I thought it was cool but it sat on the book shelf largely unopened. At our last lunch at the Local is Lovely Photography Workshop someone brought the book our and Luisa was telling us how incredible the book is. I was embarrassed to announce that I owned it but never used it. Now, however, it rarely out of my hot little hands. I love it! What inspiration can be found amongst these flavour filled pages. You can search an ingredient that you have, rhubarb for example and then your eyes are opened to the astounding pairing possibilities, almond, cucumber, lamb, oily fish etc.


Mini Pumpkin

How cute is this tiny mini pumpkin. There’s been a whole stack of them at our local farmers market recently and Elliot couldn’t resist.


Real Food Australian Women’s Weekly*

This cookbook is gorgeous. Honestly, this might sound like a snobby thing to say but I wouldn’t usually buy an AWW cookbook unless I came across it in an opshop. They’re great books, but don’t strike me as very exciting. Luise Brimble took all the photos in this one and they’re gorgeous. That’s what first drew me in, and the recipes sound amazing, in fact I had added two to this fortnights meal plan.


Black Garlic

It makes my heart sign when people are unnecessarily nice, I wrote a bit about it on Instagram not too long ago. And this was one of those instances. Mark from Hillbilly Cultured Foods and I were chatting about black garlic and he offered to post me some. This is not a product they are currently selling, but I absolutely love their fire tonics and other condiments.


Donna Hay Magazine

We talked about this magazine cover at the Local is Lovely photography workshop. While at the workshop we spent a lot of time talking about how we should use tone, light to dark tones, in our photography, and this cover just seems to bizarre. The recipes are delicious though!


That’s Life Magazine

This week our story was featured in That’s Life Magazine and I was pretty excited about it.


Chocolate Moulds

It’s been a long time coming but I’ve decided to have a go tempering chocolate. So I bought these moulds online and they arrived just after I finished filming. I’ve got chocolate on the way too. If you’d like to have a go tempering chocolate you should definitely check out Celia’s post about it.

That’s all that’s happening in my kitchen this month, check out some others over at Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things.

6 thoughts on “In My Kitchen November 2016

  1. Love this little update posts! Need to try black garlic and I’ve had a few goes at tempering chocolate and really liked it but it’s a precision game 😁

  2. I really enjoy your videos, they are always engaging and full of interesting information. The books you read are also very interesting and full of cool recipes and tips. I’ve never tried black garlic, but it sounds like something worth trying. I really enjoy cooking and testing new recipes, so it will be nice to try some of the things you offer. Keep up the good work!

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