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I wrote last week about how gardening doesn’t come naturally to me, it’s effort, and often overwhelming. But there are a few things that I really do love about being out in the garden. And what better way to celebrate that than to join in with the Garden Share Collective and talk about my favourite things in the garden.

My favourite…

… is checking on these tomato seedlings that we grew from seeds from Kyrstie’s Kitchen Garden Box. There’s three different kinds of tomatoes, I can’t remember which one is which because Elliot pulled the labels out. I’m super proud to have grown these from seeds, and I’m like a nervous mum, sending her kids to school, in regards to planting them out. I just want to keep them in the greenhouse, and never let them out.

favourite-gsc-1 My favourite…

… is the fact that just a few weeks ago I pulled this rhubarb out and divided it into 7 pieces, I replanted one and gave the others away. This one is growing back in fine form. I love so much that I am able to give sweet little parts of our garden to others to grow.

favourite-gsc-2 My favourite…

… is seeing these pumpkins grow strong. These seedlings are grown from seeds I saved from two different pumpkins. One from a Queensland Blue at Wollangarra, and another from a butternut pumpkin I was given from a lovely reader. How exciting that their legacy’s live on.

favourite-gsc-3 My favourite…

… thing to watch grow is the vibrant colours from the edible flowers we have just planted. Violets, alyssum, snap dragons and calendula. I love the addition of flowers to our vegetable garden, it’s something we’re only just trying for the first time, but gosh it’s fun to see the colours.

favourite-gsc-4 My favourite…

… is seeing the first few artichokes. We left our artichokes in the ground last season, until they had dried out then cut them off. Now after a little research, it turns out your suppose to cut them off as soon as they’ve all gone to flower to help with fruit the following year. Due to this, I was dubious as to if we were going to get any artichokes this year, but here they are!

favourite-gsc-5 My favourite…

…is picturing these nasturtiums in their full grown glory. I’ve planted about 6 seedlings under our fruit trees. Now, my hope is that they will ramble under the fruit trees and around the rhubarb, and in the process cut out the oxalis. Tell me, am I dreaming?

favourite-gsc-6 My favourite…

…things is finding the rare ripe strawberry. Between Elliot and the birds I’m hard pressed to find the delicious morsel.

favourite-gsc-8 My favourite…

… is spotting the persistent asparagus spears. I thought they’d finished long ago but they just keep coming. What a treat it’ll be next year when we are able to pick some of these fresh shoots.

favourite-gsc-9 Last but not least, my favourite thing…

… is watching the busy bees come and go. I’ve said to a number of people that it’s like having an extreme sport in our back yard. Going out to feed the chickens has a raised level of danger now. I’m working on keeping calm around them, and feeling relaxed, but I’m not quite there yet.


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12 thoughts on “Garden Share Collective: Favourite

  1. Hi Clare.i,left a comment in previous comments spot can you read and reply please. Thanks Tracie wallis.

      1. Thanks Clare. Please do let me know about sourdough cass in Feb next year. I will have to book early. Tracie Wallis.

  2. I dont think I would ever be comfortable around bees. I would enjoy the honey though. gosh there is something so special about growing plants from seed isnt there?

  3. Those artichokes look stunning! Several months ago I began saving all the seeds from my fruit & veggies, which I planted, I wasn’t very optimistic but I now have about 25 tomato plants, all of which are flowering, and smell great; a pumpkin seedling, and a few Apple seedlings!
    I can’t get over how well my tomatoes are doing, they have to keep being repotted to bigger containers! I definitely recommend everyone plant their tomato seeds, scraps and even mouldy tomatoes!

  4. You have so much going on in your garden and the bees I love! Your Kitchen Garden Tomato seedlings look very healthy and ready for the garden. Once you get fruit I can tell you which is which. Thanks for joining the Collective, I love seeing what is going on in your garden.

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