Meal Plan #7

It’s been a long time since I have shared a meal plan with you. The last few fortnights have honestly been a complete mess due to TV appearances, me going to the photography workshop and then all three of us being sick. I’m really trying to jump back on the wagon this fortnight, and try some delicious new meals.

Meal Plan

Nasi Goreng – Jamie’s Comfort Food* pg 108

I love making fried rice as a quick, veggie-ful meal, so why not slap on an egg and call it Nasi Goreng. I also love that in the introduction to the recipe it mentions that the dish should reflect what’s locally grown and in season.

Vegetarian Kofta

I love this kofta because it’s so versatile. You use two cups of any grated vegetables, so it’s a wonderful one for the end of the fortnight.


Ricotta Fritters and salad – Real Food Australian Women’s Weekly* pg 18

I picked up this cookbook with a voucher I got for my birthday after meeting Lusia Brimble at the Local Is Lovely Photography Workshop. She took all the photos for it, and they are stunning. The recipes are delicious sounding too. The recipe in the cookbook is for a cabbage, sprout and kale salad, but I’ll just see what I can get from the market.

Mushroom Burger with Onion Rings – Real Food Australian Women’s Weekly* pg 37

Onion rings are one of my favourite things in the world! Seriously! Actually I love almost anything deep fried, but I particularly love the sweetness of the tender onion covered in a well cooked crispy batter. So I couldn’t go past these burgers.

Baked Potatoes with Coleslaw

I love baked potatoes. It’s one of those meals that take me straight back to childhood. The potato would lay cut, not the whole way through, in quarters, each corner pushed in to bulge the middle out. I’d top it with butter, cheese, my mum’s coleslaw, and the sour cream. The potato would be hidden underneath all the toppings, I’d scoop the filling out and then eat the skin last.


It’s rare a fortnight goes by where we don’t have pizza. This week I’m excited to top it with black garlic I got sent from Hilbilby Cultured Food.

Lemon Chicken

I saw this on Heidi from Apples Under My Bed Instagram account ages ago and it looked so delicious that I checked it out immediately. I’ve had the link sitting open in my phone for ages. I will use the cheapest cut of chicken that I can find for it.

Cider Glazed Ham Hocks

I seriously love the new cooking channel. I’m one for background noise, and for some reason I prefer TV to podcasts. I think it’s because I really want to listen to the podcasts and give them my undivided attention. During the day I have the TV on while I’m pottering and Elliot is napping, and it was this time, I was probably folding washing, when I saw Rachel Khoo share this recipe. I’ve never thought use use ham hocks in this way so I thought I’d give it a go.

Pumpkin and Sage pasta

This is one that I have been cooking for a long time, I’m hoping to refine the recipe and share it with you.

Leek and Potato Frittata – A Year in My Real Food Kitchen* pg 152

We had this just a couple of weeks ago and it was delicious. I’m already looking forward to trying it again, this time I might chuck in a big handful of herbs, and maybe some cauliflower or broccoli.

Have you done you meal plan this fortnight? Do you have tabs and tabs of recipes you’re waiting to try open on your phone like me?

* denotes affiliate link, meaning I make a small commission if you choose to shop with them, but it doesn’t cost you any extra. I only endorse products that I believe in and think that you’ll enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Meal Plan #7

  1. Hi Clare, just love your blog. Stumbled upon it a few weeks ago. I would love to do your sour dough workshop in November, but don’t have an email or a way to contact you. I hope it is not sold out. If so will you run another one! I too live in beautiful portarlington. We could have passed each other in the street without knowing. By the way you have the most cultist little boy. Please replay. Thanks Tracie Wallis

    1. Hi Tracie, I hope that you got my email. I’m sorry but the November workshop is booked out. I’ll be running more in February. Thank you so much for the kind words.

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