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Spring has sprung, the sun is shining (sometimes), the birds are chirping and the bees are buzzing. And, as I do each year, I begin to feel the overwhelming pressure of getting plants in the ground to grow some spring/summer produce.

You see, I’m an olive thumb. Not black thumb but most definitely not green. I struggle in the garden. I really want to be a natural, and know when to plant what, to grow everything from seed, to figure out the best positioning for various varieties and the best companions. But I’m just not. For me, it’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of time and definitely a lot of pressure.

Two weeks ago, I sat down on the grass with my head in my hands and mumbled, ‘I’m just so overwhelmed’. Jay and I chatted about what was overwhelming, and to be honest, there were a lot of things, but right up the top of the list was planting for the coming warm weather.

Thankfully, I remembered my dear friend Kyrstie’s philosophy and book of the same name, Grow Just One Thing*. And I took a deep breath, and thought of the one thing I’d like to be eating straight from the garden this summer.

I raced inside and plucked her gorgeous book of the bookshelf, its pages had largely remained shut since it’s arrival, but now was the time. As I slowly turned the cover, I felt my overwhelm subsiding.


Even the quote on the title page brought a sigh of relief and a feeling of calm.

Unwavering incremental change can create remarkable and monumental results

~ Ryan Lilly

Reading the book was like I was sitting down drinking a cuppa with Kyrstie, like she was holding my hand and guiding me through this process. Each page shares another lightbulb moment that Kyrstie had in her journey, and I was nodding along.

Having the burning desire, obsession, to provide my baby with the best food, being inspired to make things from scratch, and reviewing and reworking the grocery shopping process, all have been stages in my food awareness journey. I really want to add the gardening step, and we do it but I find it a lot of work, and honestly not very fun.

Kyrstie reminded me why I should just start with just one thing, teaching Elliot how to grow and care for plants, as well as what is in season and how things grow is so important to me. And I am thankful that over his short little life, he has started to develop an understand of these things. There is no comparison to the pure joy that comes from pulling a carrot from the ground, giving it a rinse and chomping into it.

Grow Just One Thing is divided into 4 sections; Grow Fresh, Cook Fresh, Grow More, and Fresh Recipe Ideas.

Grow Fresh shares Kyrstie’s journey to growing her vegetables. It covers in great detail what tools you will need, step-by-step growing from seed, organic pest control, increasing your chances of success and a wonderful seasonal planting guide.

Cook Fresh helps create efficient systems and spaces, talking about grocery shopping, having a well stocked pantry, meal planning and using what you have. All things that, you know, I’m already a huge fan of.

Grow More tells tales of lifestyles from those who already grow more. These stories are uplifting and encouraging. It reminded me that space should never be an issue, that a lot of varieties can be grown in pots.

Fresh Recipe Ideas is a section with wonderfully easy ways to use the one thing you have grown, a reminder that one ingredient can go a long way.

Grow Just One Thing made me want to get into the garden again, made me excited to water the seedlings each morning, and wait with baited breath for the first of our spring produce.

Thank you Kyrstie for this book, it’s a wonderful gift to the world.

Are you a green thumb? Black thumb? Or olive? How do you feel about gardening?

*I was gifted Grow Just One Thing but all views and opinions are my own.

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