A Cuppa With Clare

I’m not sure where this post is going to go, so I suggest you grab a cuppa, sit down in a sunny spot and enjoy.

Life has been busy lately, and honestly I try not to say that too much. I don’t wear it as a badge of honour, in fact, just yesterday I thought that I’d be a much better mother if I wasn’t so busy all the time. If I decided just to mother, and not try to do all the things. I have this terrible habit of not being able to let something go, I can’t sit until everything is tidy. If I sit while there’s still things to be done, well, then I just think about all the things to be done.

So life has been busy. After this post wet viral, and there was tv, radio and magazine articles. Then I spent a gorgeous few days at the photography workshop and I have been styling and photographing like a crazy person ever since. Of course it all caught up with me and I started to feel run down. But yet, I still didn’t stop. I drank hot lemon, honey and ginger, I kept running around, wiring blog posts, photographing food, doing all the things to keep up with the jones in my brain, and you guessed it, I actually got sick.


After spending what I deemed as enough time out, 2 hours in bed on a Friday, I jumped straight back into it. Elliot and I went to Santa’s Magical Kingdom morning tea in Melbourne. It was a lovely morning with sweet craft activities for the kids and delicious morning tea. I can’t wait to check out the main event.


Over the weekend we celebrated my beautiful Mum’s birthday. She had a lovely party with so many of her nearest and dearest. I cannot put into words how much I love my Mum. I know everyone days that, and I’m sure that it’s always true. I’m so proud of Mum, I’m so honoured to be part of her life, I look up to her, I rely on her, I am so grateful for her, I take her advice to heart every time and I can’t imagine a better person. I was honoured to have been able to make her a cake to celebrate.


Jay and I spent a small part of Monday afternoon with our bees. We had to open the hive for the first time, just to check and see how things were going in there. I shared on my Facebook page that my heart was racing when we first opened the lid. The low hum becomes higher pitched and you just have to keep moving slowly without any sudden movements. It’s very humbling to work inside a bee hive. So many parts, doing exactly what they need to to make everything work. Gosh, it really is wonderful.

I’d love to know what you’ve been up to, have you gotten through the winter cold free? Do you find yourself always busy? 

5 thoughts on “A Cuppa With Clare

  1. Hi Clare,
    I feel I am always too busy (there’s that word again) I work full time and try to live a simple life while at home. I have found out that simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy. I love my home and love being at home, if only I had more time at home or more energy at the end of the day to do everything I want to do. I want to have a clean home, I want to eat good wholesome, made from scratch food, I want to read and sew and garden and be creative, but I have a very small window everyday to do all of that. I do get frustrated and feel burnt out sometimes but with each new dawn still comes the yearning to get up and create a worthy life for me and my small family. Thankyou for taking the time to share your life and what you fill it up with. It is so worth it!

    1. Funny how ‘busy’ has become something that most are proud of. Living a simple home/lifestyle, is often very full, and not so simple, I think. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. I am not good at being idle. I am one of those people that as soon as I am women up ( around 530am most mornings) I just start my day & I just keep going until my youngest two go to bed & that’s when I usually stop. I don’t like feeling like I’m wasting time & being idle feels wasteful. I always have so much I want to accomplish, there’s always good to make, a garden to tend to, crochet or sewing that needs finishing, a book that calls my name & all that has to be done around the needs of my 4 kids. Most days I’m exhausted once night falls but I’m also content & happy.

    1. I’m not good at being idle either, it feels so unfulfilling. I too am up early, and really enjoy that quiet time to myself. I’m impress that you ever manage to read anything!

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