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Almost three and a half years ago I attended a bee keeping course. I went in wide eyed and bushy tailed, finished and purchased a super, put together the box and frames. Soon after I fell pregnant and the bees went to the back of my mind.

While at the Local Is Lovely Photography Workshop, I met the gorgeous Honey Atkinson. She is a photographer, videographer and bee keeper (as well as many many other things), she is also half of the team of Will Work for Food.

We chatted over the two days about bees, she shared her experiences of backyard bee keeping. And my spark was rekindled.

As Anisa and I were driving back to Canberra I noticed that a Geelong local had been sharing post after post on Instagram of swams that were settling in her yard.

Once I returned home I chatted with Helena from Spade and Trowel, quickly pulled all my bee bits together, organised the last few crucial pieces and awaited the arrival of our bees. Helena boxed up her latest swam and kindly drove down to Portarlington to deliver the package.

The bees were moved quickly and quietly into their new home. Helena was so generous with her time, information.keep-keeping

The next morning I went to check on the bees and found two little clumps nesting outside, it turns out that they had missed the move and huddled to keep warm over night.bee-box

I’m happy to say that all the bees are inside the hive, coming and going as they please.

What’s next:

I remembered that I got this book* for my birthday just over two years ago, so I’m going to get stuck into reading that.

Today I jumped on eBay and purchased two bee brushes, two sets of gloves, a smoker, a hive tool and a frame holder. I’ve also contacted a local who makes bee suits and I’ll be purchasing two off her this weekend.

I made sure to register my hive with the department of agriculture.

In about 8 days we will be opening up the hive to check on the progress of the bees and the development of the hive.

Are you a backyard bee keeper? I’d love to hear about your adventures.

* denotes affiliate link, meaning I make a small commission if you choose to shop with them, but it doesn’t cost you any extra. I only endorse products that I believe in and think that you’ll enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Bee Keeping

  1. Hi Clare, no I am not a backyard beekeeper, not that I wouldn’t love to have a hive, we simply do not have the room. There is a lovely nurse at work and her hubby is an apiarist, he came over to our place to have a look to see if he could put a hive in. The bees need a runway and the only place with enough area is right through the thorough fair to our shed. I am looking into keeping native bees, that’s on the list, that I might get to one day. Can’t wait to read about your bee keeping, have a wonderful weekend.

    1. It took us a long time to find the right space, I’m just thankful that bees and chickens can live happily together. I’m love to learn more about native bees.

  2. I don’t have honey bees but do have a hive on native stingless bees. One day I might be brave enough to install a honey hive

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