Local Is Lovely Workshop Recap

We drove the windy Blue Mountains road and arrived at Kimbri Farm. A pink hue filled the sky, gentle petals covering the ground, the cherry blossom jaw dropping with its beauty. The photographic opportunities didn’t end there. Everywhere I turned there were country cottage pockets of beauty.

The Local is Lovely workshop was such a fantastic experience. Creativity was flowing, as can only happen when a group of passionate people are in the same room. Each individual was there for their own wonderful reason, cafe owners, graphic designers, professional photographers, full time bloggers, linen makers, each passionate in their own way about photographing food.

My head and heart are so full of love for the gorgeous Sophie (Local is Lovely), Luisa Brimble, Skye McAlpine (From My Dining Table), Lily, Gillian (Gillian Bell Cake), Pip (Photography By Pip) and Annie (Art Classes With Annie Herron). They were so generous in sharing their knowledge, their time and the mouth watering food.

Day 1

Of course we were greeted with this gorgeous layered butter cake, adorned with edible flowers, made by Lil. We spent the afternoon learning photography 101 with the effervescent Luisa, cheering us on while we learnt about ISO, shutter speeds and aperture.

Aperitifs of prosecco and sweet corn tarts wet the appetite before dinner in the rustic barn. An animated candle lit dinner of roast venison and roast vegetables was had while we all chatted about our backgrounds and why we were there.

untitled-1 untitled-2 untitled-3 dsc04628 untitled-5 dsc04648 dsc04659 dsc04662 untitled-6 untitled-7 untitled-8Day 2

I woke early, as always and headed to the heart of the home for a cup of tea. The kitchen was all action stations as Sophie, Lil, Pip and Gillian started to prepare food for the day. Steaming loves of sourdough were being pulled from the oven, trays of ruby red rhubarb being sprinkled with rosemary and brown sugar, smoothies being blended and cup after cup of tea was poured.

We had the pleasure of hearing Annie talk art principles, I’ll never look at a food photograph again without thinking of the rule of thirds, the tone and whether there’s anything cutting the edges of the photograph.

The lovely Skye McAlpine had come all the way from Venice to share her knowledge with us. She shared her story, how she had gone from studying the links between a Latin poem and modern society, to blogging full time and becoming a freelance writer, and now her dream of writing a cookbook.

She and Luisa worked together to style and photograph a welcoming morning tea scene. Explain as they went that we should first decide on the scene, morning tea, or dessert, tea or dessert wine etc.

We split into groups and for the rest of the day worked on taking photos of three different settings and three completely different styles. Baking bread, some dark and moody produce shots and a light and bright rhubarb tart.

Dinner was a much more casual affair, of lasagne and salad.

untitled-9untitled-11dsc04713untitled-10dsc04737untitled-13untitled-12dsc04750untitled-15untitled-21untitled-23dsc04811untitled-16untitled-18untitled-19dsc04794dsc04856dsc04882dsc04898untitled-32untitled-29untitled-30untitled-34untitled-35dsc04919dsc04907untitled-14untitled-4dsc04926dsc04930dsc04944dsc05013dsc04998dsc04954untitled-39dsc05037untitled-41untitled-40dsc05045-2untitled-43dsc05070untitled-45untitled-46dsc05141Day 3

I dream of sunrise breakfasts, standing by the fire with a hot tea and watching the sunrise. Photographing natural settings, not staged and outside is much harder than styling and photographing. But the morning was so beautiful that the photos could never have been anything but gorgeous. I’m thankful to have spent the morning outside and standing because we spent a lot of the day inside learning the ins and outs of Lightroom (which is now my favourite thing ever) and we had a session talking social media and how to make it work for us.

A long table lunch was set up outside for us to enjoy, and finally a Q&A with Luisa, Sophie and Skye.


There’s not enough words or photos to share the whole experience with you but if this is something you might be interested in I recommend you check it out.

Also while you’re going you can check out the other attendees on Instagram.

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  1. I love everything about this post, and am now racked with inspiration, jealousy, hunger and happiness. Love the photography and the photos.

  2. Holy cow, Clare, they are some beautifully, stunning photos, what a hoot, you had. I love that magnificent flowering shrub/tree, what was it? Your food photography was already amazing, it will be more so now, I feel.

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