How I Clean Our Bathroom – using baking soda and vinegar

We’re fortunate to have a new bathroom. And only three of us using it. It doesn’t get very dirty and I only clean it every couple of weeks. But when I do it’s a good old, hands and knees clean.

Our bathroom is reasonably small, with bath, shower and vanity. All items are fairly smooth surfaces and are therefore easy to clean.

Before cleaning:

dirty-bathroom soap-scum-on-shower dirty-vanity dirty-sink

During cleaning:

To clean our bathroom I use about a cup of bi-carb soda, a squirt of dishwashing detergent and orange infused vinegar, you can just use regular vinegar. I have white vinegar in a spray bottle to do the outside of the shower glass and mirror. I use gloves because my hands gets sore in water, the ice cream container to help with rinsing, the steal wool for any stubborn soap scum and the blue rag for the final wipe over and glass.

cleaning-items I start by sprinkling a handful of bi-carb soda around the toilet bowl and spraying with vinegar. I leave this sit and then come back to it. I use the steal wool to clean inside the bowl and simply vinegar spray and the blue cloth for the outside of the With the cup of bi-carb, I squirt the detergent in and then pour in the vinegar until it foams, then I stir together until I get a paste. I rub this all over the inside walls of the shower, the inside of the bath and inside of the basin.

Usually I work on the bath and basin first. Using hot water and a scourer, I wipe down the insides of the bath and basin. I use vinegar in a spray bottle to clean the vanity surface and glass, then wipe clean with my rag.

cleaning-sinkI clean the shower by scrubbing with a scourer to remove all soap scum and then rinse with clean water and wipe down with rag. I also use an old tooth brush around the edges of the shower base.

Finally I mop all the floors with a super hot mop and some eucalyptus essential scrubbing-shower

After cleaning:dirty-toilet clean-bathroom

Do you clean with bi-carb and vinegar? How do you clean your bathroom? How other do you have to clean it?

7 thoughts on “How I Clean Our Bathroom – using baking soda and vinegar

  1. Thanks for sharing! I also use bicarbonate and vinegar to clean our bathroom, but never thought to infuse the vinegar with lemon or orange. Does it make much of a difference or is it just for the smell?

  2. I use bicarb and vinegar in the bathroom too – ours is pretty old though so in some areas I need stronger cleaning products. I hadn’t thought of using steel wool before, is it okay to use on most surfaces without leaving scratches?

  3. Yes I use bicarbonate and vinegar too. I found it is the only thing that gets the soapscum off the shower glass. Swear by it and shout it from the rooftop

  4. Thank you so much for this! I have lived in my house for 2 years and the amount of times that I have tried to get rid of water Mark’s on my shower screen is unbelievable! So many chemicals and mixtures and I have finally done it by using your ideas! Your amazing, and thank you for making my day heaps better X

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