Taking Stock October 2016

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but the last few weeks have been a bit crazy. Blog posts going viral, tv appearances, radio interviews and trips up to Wollangarra. I just came across Pip Lincoln’s Taking Stock and thought that it’d be a lovely way to reflect on everything that has been happening.


Making: our house look a bit like a jungle. I’m in love with house plants.
Cooking: chocolate chips biscuits from frozen dough balls. 12 minutes is all it takes to get delicious freshly baked biscuits.
Drinking: a big glass of shiraz.
Reading: I just finished Anna Spargo Ryan’s The Paper House*. Next up is Olivia Liang The Lonely City*.
Trawling: Instagram. I just can’t go past pretty pictures.
Wanting: two minutes alone. I just need no one to talk to me, to not have to change a nappy, to not have to cook dinner or get someone a drink of water.
Looking: forward to the next few days where I will be immersed in gorgeous food photography at the Local is Lovely photography workshop.
Deciding: on what blog posts to write next. I have one coming up about how I use baking powder and vinegar to clean our bathroom, but I’d love to hear what you’d like to see.
Wishing: I could sit down and have a cuppa with everyone who follows my Instagram account, my Facebook account, everyone who subscribes to my newsletter and anyone who has supported me by buying on of my products. I’d love to get to know you.
Enjoying: the sound of the rain on the roof.
Waiting: to meet my friends beautiful new baby boy. I’m so excited for their gorgeous family.
Liking: cooked breakfasts. Eggs, pancakes, dutch baby pancake, my favourite!
Wondering: how the boys will go this week while I’m away in NSW.
Loving: life. I try to be super positive and I really am loving life at the moment. Elliot is at an wonderful age, Jay is awesome and I just get to keep rolling with with I’m rolling with.
Pondering: what next.
Listening: to podcasts. I started with this one with led to this one. I’ve listened to this one and this one too.
Considering: writing a cookbook. It could be fun. What do you think?
Buying: so many meals out recently. I’ve just got to meet an amazing local group of Instagrammers and food bloggers. I’m so honoured and privileged to have them in my life. And the catch ups are happening often. It’s wonderful and inspirational.
Watching: Australian Survivor. I always loved the American version, and I even talked about applying for this one but it just wasn’t the right time.
 that I’ll be able to grab a bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup sometime soon.
Marvelling: a how my baby has turned into a little boy.
Cringing: at the leaders of the world. I’m not much into politics but I do know that the possibility of Trump winning is scary!
Needing: A hot cup of tea, strong and milky.
Questioning: motives.
Smelling: spring time flowers, freshly baked cakes and chai tea.
Wearing: boyfriend. I’m in a wonderful position where I get my aunty’s and my mum’s hand-me-downs, and have come into position of about 3 pairs of boyfriend style jeans recently.
Following: this adventure around the world.
Noticing: that age is just a number, but also a mindset and sometimes is really good to be a little child like but it’s also good to stick on your grown up hat and be a bit mature about things.
Knowing: that when you work your butt off and you believe in what you’re doing good things can really come. But it also helps to know some wonderful people who’ll give to a leg up.
Thinking: about friends. How grateful I am for having so many amazing people in my life, both near and far, both recent and lifetime, you get by with a little help from your friends, I hear.
Admiring: Pip Lincoln. She has a wonderful community and is so kind and works her butt off.
Getting: ready for this weeks trip. It’s the second time I’ve been away since Elliot was born. I’m trying to decide if I need my computer, what clothes I need for a couple of nights in Canberra and then a few more in the Blue Mountains. I’m just really looking forward to some quite time and some space.
Bookmarking: This article to read later, Clementine Ford fighting like a girl.
Disliking: the crazy wind, I find it so unsettling.
Opening: a few lovely birthday cards and packages.
Giggling: at Elliot’s combinations of words. Sometimes they’re the cutest and sometimes they’re just down right hilarious!
Feeling: nervous and excited.
Helping: Jay get prepared for a week at home as a solo parent.
Hearing: The wind chimes outside getting blown around. I don’t love the wind but I do love the chimes.
Celebrating: the amazing opportunities that have been coming my way.
Pretending: that I’ve had enough sleep. And even if I have had enough sleep, I’m still feeling tired. My brain feels like it’s firing a million miles an hour and I’m struggling to regenerate.
Embracing: the craziness that has been my life recently. I’m so honoured to have had this amazing wave of support thrown in my direction.

If you would like to play along Pip shares a blank copy on her blog.

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  1. So I’ve just made choc chip cookies, recently finished The Paper House, am cringing at the Donald and I’m pretending that I can get by on not much sleep so we have a big of synchronicity happening! But I haven’t been on the telly! Congrats on the attention! Did you like The Paper House?

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