30 Things I Loved About Being 30!

It’s my birthday today, we’re headed out for breakfast and then off to Wollangarra for their Open Day for the weekend. It’s been a big year, it feels as though each year is getting bigger than the one before it and it’s wonderful!

So here is 30 things I loved about being 30 (in no particular order):

  • I started my sourdough workshops just over a year ago, and was so nervous when they began. I’m still nervous every time now, but they are running so wonderfully now.
  • I’ve become friends with some amazing Geelong Foodie Babes. These girls are so confident, honest, inspiring and they take photos of their food!
  • Mushroom foraging in autumn and winter.mushroom basket
  • Cooking my first ever wedding cake was so much fun and such an honour. What a pleasure it was to be able to present the bride and groom with their wedding cake on the big day.cutting the cake
  • Mid October 2015 I went to a food bloggers conference. The conference was amazing but on top of that I spent some time with the lovely Nicole (Champagne and Chips), Megan (The Girl has Sparke) and Louise (Willing Wino) and they convinced me to start selling products. So I went home and listed my Kombucha Starter pack on my website. I owe so much to those girls!
  • We started our asparagus bed! This doesn’t sound like much but I had wanted to grow asparagus for so long. It really felt like a big milestone in my life.
  • Dinner at Little Green Corner for our 4th wedding anniversary was divine! Paired with Ravens Creek Farm, the focus was eating local and seasonal, my passions!Pork belly
  • I filmed Carly and Adam’s wedding video. I’d just started out on my film making journey and I will be forever thankful to Carly for putting her trust in me and giving me the opportunity to film their wedding.
  • At the end of last summer our massive tomato plant got knocked down by the wind. There was still so many green tomatoes on it, so I picked them. From them I made my first ever chutney with my very own homegrown produce.
  • Jay and I had our first night, together, away from Elliot.
  • I’ve loved becoming more confident in myself, my friendships, my blog and my work. I feel like over the last few months I have really discovered myself.
  • I was invited to attend Feast. An exciting degustation dinner organised by Eat Local Month. We walked the paddocks of Ravens Creek Farm, while we dined on exquisite local and seasonal courses.lamb back strap
  • I fell unequivocally and unashamedly in love with food styling and photography.
  • We made our very first salami and it’s delicious!
  • We spend two weeks together as a family at Wollangarra. We got to hang out, garden, chat, play cars, draw pictures all without being disrupted by my phone!icy wollangarra
  • A blog post of mine went viral. I’m so proud of everything I’ve done over the last four years. However, having this post go viral, means that I’ve really put my head down and bum up and never worked harder. What a ride!
  • And as a lead on from that I can’t help but to be happy about being featured in the Daily Mail!
  • I learnt to embrace my body and that is awesome!
  • We’ve been putting a lot more love and time into the chicken coop.
  • I was on the Tv for the first time ever and Oh My Gosh I was so nervous but I was really happy with how it went!
  • This was the year we decided to go away more. We did lots of small weekend trips, camping, to Wollangarra, we went to visit friends in Mount Beauty and Mansifeld. We even went to Bundaberg to visit family at the end of 2015.
  • I loved hearing Elliot’s words develop, the crazy sentences he comes out with. The other day he said to me “This house terivle”, I replied “don’t you like this house?”, he looked at me with dismay and then put his head in his hands, “No, I wiv Wolla-garra”.chickens in the sun wollangarra
  • I met and had a photo with Adriano Zumbo, chatted to Matthew Evens and locked eyes with Paul West.
  • I’ve fallen in love with gardening and having fresh homegrown produce. Recently we’ve been picking our first ever crop of broad beans and it makes me so happy!
  • I’ve never been busier but I’ve never been more relaxed. I thrive when the going gets hot!
  • I’m bloody proud of the fact that I wrote and released my new ebook – Buy What You Need.
  • Berry picking and making my own jam.
  • For my 30th Birthday I was shouted a sky dive and loved it. The best part was that my mum, dad, sister, brother, and best friend were all in on it with Jay and we all got to out for brunch afterwards.
  • I’ve started to enjoy exercise. It’s honestly something I never thought I would say but I joined the gym and I actually enjoy going!
  • I got to spend 365 days with the love of my life and our beautiful son in the home we built together.

4 thoughts on “30 Things I Loved About Being 30!

  1. Happy Birthday darling woman!

    What am amazing, fabulous year it has been. I still think back to that moment at Eat Drink Blog, hanging in Louise’s room, sipping on the wine she made together with her dear Rob, and talking about what we all can achieve and how we can grow.

    There was magic in the room that day…

    Did you know that Lou is now working for The Fabulous Ladies of Wine and participating in a local Entrepreneurship program to grow her wine brand?
    Megan has started her own small business in social media management.
    You have achieved so much with the confidence of selling your wonderful, unique products and teaching people the skills you have. The recent attention is so well deserved and I hope it opens so many more doors for you.
    I have been slower to grow but all my hard work is paying off and by the end of the year I should have finished my wine qualification and be ready to chase the next rainbow.

    You are a wonderfully brave, creative soul and have so much to contribute. Suck the marrow out of every opportunity and may 31 be even better than 30 xx

    1. Thank you so much Nicole. It has been a wonderful year hasn’t it. I love that the 4 of us have taken the bull by the horns and are doing exactly what we want to be doing.

  2. Wonderful comments and a joy to read – what a happy eventful life you have Clare – simple, interesting and full of love! May it always be that way – but different!

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