Entertaining a Toddler without Electricity

When we visited Wollangarra I was pretty weary about how we were going to entertain Elliot for two whole weeks without television. We don’t use the TV a lot but it does help with having some quiet time, and on rainy days.

So I printed out a play dough recipe and I knew that I could make coloured rice if need be, and for really over tired days we did have my computer with The Lion King to watch. We never ended up making play dough, mostly we’d just play outside.

I just wanted to share with you some of the ways we entertained Elliot throughout the two weeks. I thought it’d be tough but in the end it was a breeze. I’d love to hear your electricity free entertainment for toddler ideas in the comments below.

Write a story

Wollangarra is unique in many ways, one of them being that the access is via flying fox (check out a small video here), so to explain to Elliot about getting to our car we made up a little story with his help and then I drew and wrote him a little picture story book. He still loves it and shares it with whoever he can.

writing stories


He loved us all sitting at the dining table doing drawing together. He’s still at a squiggle and line stage but he’s loving his circles.

Play Outside

Rain, hail or shine we had to get outside. There was no option but to feed the animals and tick the days jobs off the list. We would walk around with an umbrella, or rain coats, we’d potter in the garden, or hang out under the cover of the tool shed.

Cooking cakes and licking bowls

We spent a lot of time in the kitchen, baking slices or cakes, bread or meals. His favourite was definitely this chocolate beetroot cake which we adapted and used pumpkin instead.

licking the bowl wollangarra

Tell me some of your electricity free entertainment ideas!


2 thoughts on “Entertaining a Toddler without Electricity

  1. When he’s not outside, digging, building, running or chasing the cat, our big, little boy (he’s three, his brother’s sixteen months) LOVES playing under his bed. We keep a foam mattress under there. It’s a hangover from when he first slept in a bed and we’d stick it out so if he fell out of bed he’d land on that – it worked! We haven’t taken it away because he so loves playing under there with whatever the day’s favourite toy is. Today it was an old cordless phone and a pair of ear defenders. Yesterday it was Duplo. Sometimes it’s books. If he’s quiet and he’s not in the same room as me, he’ll be under his bed. I keep meaning to pull his blanket down over the side to make a cubby. He’ll adore that.

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