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The next fortnight is a strange one for meal planning. Jay and I are both away, separately, for 2 nights. Jay’s away for work and so I thought I’d pack up the car and take Elliot to visit some friends in the mountains. I’ll be taking a slow cooker primal/paleo meal with us to share with our friends. And then for two nights this week I’m out, I have a sourdough workshop one night and then the following night I am going to see Embrace at its Geelong showing. So I’ll probably grab something out and stick something in the slow cooker for the boys. For these reasons I haven’t planned as much as I usually would.

We also have heaps of veggies in the crisper from the last couple of weeks, so I’m aiming to use as much of those as I can before things go to the chickens.

Lemon chicken, peas and rice

I found this recipe in the free Woolworths magazine and because I didn’t want to hold on to the magazine for just that recipe, I saved it into the Hipcook App. I recently made a video for Kim (the owner of the app) about how to easily save recipes from magazines and cookbooks into it. I got paid to make the video but this here spiel is not sponsored, I just honestly love the app.

Smoked salmon quiche

I found some smoked salmon on sale in the Portarlington Woolworths last fortnight and couldn’t pass it up. So I grabbed it and stuck it in the freezer for this fortnight. I’ll just blind bake some puff pastry, use some eggs and cream and stir through some herbs. Deliciously easy!

Slow cooker chicken cacciatore Women’s Weekly Slow Cooking* pg 33

I haven’t cooked a lot in the slow cooker this winter, nor have I cooked a lot of soup. So I thought it’d be fun to do a few different slow cooker meals, that we’re the traditional heavy meal. This chicken cacciatore will be delicious.

Moroccan lamb with sweet potato and raisins Women’s Weekly Slow Cooking* pg 35

This is the meal I brought up to visit friends. Easy to reheat and paired with cauliflower rice, the perfect paleo travel meal.

Vegetable lasagne

My typical lasagne recipe without the mince and more veggies. Delicious and a great one for left overs.


I’m not sure what the soup will be until the day, I’ll wait and see what we have left as to weather it’s a pumpkin or a chunky veg. It will be a veggie soup though.

Roast veggie salad

Similar to the roast veggie salad I talked about in this meal plan. We’ll roast up a huge amount of veggies and stir through some greens and brown rice, or quinoa.


One of my favourite spicy, quick and easy, Jay cooked dinners! Have you tried it yet?


Pork chops and okonomiyaki in a tray Simplicious* pg 183

I’ve been looking for an easy okonomiyaki recipe for ages and I can’t wait to try this one! Delicious, veggie full and adaptable to what you have in the fridge. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Which of these meals looks the most appealing to you? Which one do you want to try?

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