4th Blogiversary

So I’ve been writing on this little space for 4 years. In some ways it feels a hell of a lot longer, I’ve met some amazing people, love sharing and chatting on Instagram and it just feels part of who I am. In other ways it still feels so new, in terms of numbers I’m still just plodding along, I feel like I’m constantly like the duck treading water and honestly some days I just want to chuck it all in and go back to relief teaching.

But today, it makes me smile and I wanted to say a huge thank you for all of you who have stuff by me over the last three years. I would probably still be sharing my little life stories here even if you weren’t reading, but it makes it all the more sweeter being able to start some conversations and share all these tidbits with you. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart thank you.

I just wanted to share some of yours and my favourite posts with you from the last three years.

Most popular post:

Without any question of a doubt the most popular post on this blog is Grandma’s Apple Slice recipe. I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I have been tagged in images of this slice and couldn’t tell you all the variations I have seen. If you haven’t made it you definitely should!

Post I am most proud of:

This is the collection of sourdough posts I wrote recently, the facts, the recipe, working with your sourdough starter and trouble shooting your sourdough starter. These posts took a lot of time and  research and I was really proud to be able to share them with you.


Most confronting:

While the Meat Reality workshop was super confronting it was also a wonderful eye opener. It brought me back to reality and really gave us a kick up the butt to settle firmly into the food journey we have been on ever since.

I loved making:

This wedding cake! Not only was I completely honoured to have been asked to make it, I loved the work put into it, the research, the practices, decorating it early on the wedding day and even getting to slice it up for everyone to eat. It’s probably one of my creations I am most proud of.

decorated cake

I hated writing:

and filming and editing this post. And honestly, I did it for the potential traffic. I won one and I bought the other and thought that I couldn’t let the opportunity go to share my thoughts. But it was not fun, a lot of work and really messy. BLAH!

Kambrook BlitzPro vs Nutribullet

Favourite event:

Feast 100%! This event was one that I was honoured to have been invited to and I’d pay to go again! Have a look at the post for all the details, and there’s even a small video there too.

Recipe I use most:

The recipe that I cook the most from this blog is the lasagne. I don’t necessarily follow the recipe every time, as I’ve made it so often that I can just wing it. But it’s definitely a family favourite.

Series I loved writing:

I have to cheat here as there was two series I wrote quite recently and I was really proud of them both in different ways.

I loved highlighting some of my favourite Instagram accounts. Instagram is by far my favourite social media and I have loved building a really cool community there, so it was awesome to be to share the love a little.

I also loved creating the photo collage, researching, writing and editing these Mother’s Day Gift Guides. And I look forward to doing more in the future.

New fun thing that I love:

Have you checked out my YouTube channel yet? I’d love love love if you’d head over there and subscribe. I’m loving this way of sharing content with you, and as a visual person the filming and editing feels like it comes naturally to me.

Blog regrets:

There’s not a lot of them but I do wish I shared more about Nepal, as the trip was incredible but I came home pregnant.

I also wish I’d been making videos when we went to Nepal and while we were building our house.

Things to look forward to:

I’ll keep plodding along writing blog posts each week and sharing my newsletter on a Tuesday.

I’ve been madly trying to finish writing my simple living ecourse and I’m hoping that it’ll be ready for you mid-September, just in time to start a fresh in spring.

I’m also going to start hosting an Instagram Photo a Day challenge that I’d love for you to get involved with. Save this image and join in!Sept FOODPHOTOS

Thank you so much for sticking around all these years, and reading my blog posts and being part of an awesome community.

6 thoughts on “4th Blogiversary

  1. Thank you Clare, I am a newish reader and already have gleaned so much from your blog. The post about sourdough trouble shooting was especially helpful to me. Congratulations on your fourth year anniversary and I wish you many more.

  2. I’m forever grateful that you do what you do. You’ve really opened my eyes and helped me to even get hubby on board the simplicity train. Keep doing what you do, you’re so appreciated by so many! I bought a sourdough starter from you in June and can’t wait to start my very own sourdough journey when it warms up.

    1. Teagan, thanks so much for your beautiful comment! Would you mind if I saved it to use for a testimonial? I can’t wait to hear how your sourdough adventure goes. I don’t think I have added you to the Facebook Group yet, let me know if I have or not.

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