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It’s taken me a long time to start this post, to find the perfect way to introduce the amazing women I’ve recently had the honour of getting to know. It’s been one of those situations where we were all following each other on Instagram, started reading blogs if there were blogs to read, some had been friends for a long time and others just recently been introduced. All active online, and all fabulous and inspiring.

I’m so lucky to have recently become part of this amazing tribe of women, we’ve been catching up over a meal here and there and chatting online.

Most recently we caught up for dinner at a brand new restaurant in Geelong, Wah Wah Gee. The restaurant has been the talk of the town, opening quietly, but the news spread like wildfire. I was so excited to be dinning at a restaurant so soon after it opened and with such cool company.

wah wah gee

After we arrived, we were promptly lead back outside following the owner, as if he was the pied piper, he had champagne and a sabre sword and Claire from Earth Angel Pantry was to spectacularly open the bottle into the bay.

With many laughs and girly squeals, the bottle was opened, the champagne was poured, and food was ordered. We decided to go with the “Feed Me” option, 3 meat eaters and 2 pescatarians, we would be given small plates with many little serves, similar to tapas, for us all to taste, and catering for the dietary requirements.

crispy chicken

The food started coming thick and fast as the conversations flowed. These crispy chicken with candied chilli steamed buns and the flash fried baby squid with vietnamese mint and sprouts were the first dishes placed in front of us.

While quiet when we arrived at 6pm the excitingly decorated and very colourful restaurant quickly filled and became loud with conversation. As the plates in front of us became empty they would be subtly removed and more would fill their places.

The next round of food quietly placed in front of us by the attentive staff. Citrus cursed kingfish was firm and well cured, almost rubbery in texture with a sweet coconut cucumber dressing was unforgettable and Sticky Sichuan & star anise pork belly strips was delicious but a little fatty.


The next round of food to great us was a seafood feast. Crispy Barramundi Wings with chilli caramel and zesty lime aioli looked like a snapchat filter, but were full of tender white flesh. The chilli crab while entertaining, was not worth the effort and mess it took to eat it with so little meat inside. I love the fish and tofu combination of the Thai style yellow curry.

seafood feast

Finally rice prawns with green chilli aioli and Nahm Jim dressed salad, mussels and clams in a light green chilli and lemongrass coconut brother and some prawn, chicken and water chestnut dumplings were served. By now I’d realised that my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach, as these three dishes sat for a long time before they were devoured.


Wah Wah Gee’s menu is full of enticing asian fusion dishes, beautiful for the eyes and super satisfying. The decor is full of colour and exciting to be enveloped in, I was however puzzzled by the mural of Bob Marley and it’s connection to the asian dishes, and Geelong location.

The food is reasonably priced (between $12-$40 per dish, we ended up paying roughly $65 each for food and a glass of wine) and I can’t wait to go again!

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  1. Looks and sounds delicious Clare – a nice mix of flavours, Geelong has much to offer in smart trendy stylish restaurants it seems. I wish I lived closer – must visit Geelong soon…(It’s on the list..)

    thanks Clare…

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